3M is a Minnesota-based multinational corporation that produces adhesives, medical products, and much more.

“At 3M, science is at the heart of everything we do. For us, R&D is the heartbeat of 3M; we invest deeply into the science that makes 3M strong. That investment is the key that enables us to introduce over 1200 new products every year. When our material scientists lead new research, they need access to information from prior relevant research—information that’s buried in the many patents we hold in our huge knowledge base. Finding the right information is often exhausting (but not exhaustive) and time-consuming. To address this problem, we decided to use Amazon Kendra, a powerful new AWS offering. Kendra lets our scientists find the information they need by handling natural language queries quickly and accurately. With Kendra, we expect our engineers and researchers will find information much faster than they did before we used Amazon Kendra. Our scientists are enthusiastic about this new superpower and we expect them to be able to innovate faster, collaborate more effectively, and accelerate the ongoing stream of unique products for our customers.”

David Frazee, Technical Director, 3M Corporate Research Systems Lab


Woodside Energy is the pioneer of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry in Australia.

“With 65 years of experience, including 35 years designing, building and operating LNG plants, we have millions of documents capturing our collective intelligence. Continuing our journey to becoming a cognitive enterprise, we are looking for greater precision in responses to our natural language questions, at a scale not previously possible. That’s why we have decided to use Amazon Kendra. Kendra uses natural language queries to retrieve specific answers our people need. We’re now able to precisely search our most valuable project engineering documents, and will soon scale this across our entire documented knowledge base. Kendra finds the answer to questions like ‘What is the length of the pipeline at Pluto?’ quickly and accurately. This step-change in cognitive capability will enable even better, faster decision making to improve our operations and the working lives of our people.”

Shelley Kalms, Chief Digital Officer, Woodside Energy Ltd


Workgrid Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Mutual, delivers software solutions in an employee experience platform to make work more connected, efficient, and productive.

“One of our core offerings is the Workgrid Chatbot which provides employees the ability to get quick answers to frequent queries and automate tasks using a friendly, natural language interface. One key part of any enterprise chatbot is the ability to answer the myriad of questions that come from employees, which is why Workgrid offers a self-service Q&A builder that requires no programming language for content authors to train the chatbot to respond to employees’ questions. In addition to this curated content, we want to offer a way for the Workgrid Chatbot to easily extract knowledge from the vast quantities of documents (e.g., PDF documents) that exist across the enterprise. With Amazon Kendra, we’re excited about the possibility of our customers getting the answers they need quickly and efficiently. Amazon Kendra makes it possible to extract answers directly from unstructured data across multiple repositories and has the potential to fast track our delivery of accurate, better-than-before answers to our customers. We’re excited about exploring the combination of Amazon Kendra’s intelligent search with the conversational context and task automation that we provide to create a powerful employee experience.”

Gillian McCann, Head of Cloud Engineering & AI, Workgrid Software


Sage is a UK-based provider of business management software and services (including accounting and payroll, finance and operational management, HR and people management, and customers relationship management), and has more than 3 million customers worldwide.

“At Sage we are always looking to partner with companies that help us solve customer challenges in new, smart ways. Organizations of all sizes face challenge for information discovery, which directly affects employee efficiency and experience – technologies like Amazon Kendra provide opportunities to address these challenges. We certainly see the benefit this might have for our customers across accounting and financials, payments and banking, people and payroll – who are looking to Sage to help their business. Our purpose is to transform the way people think and work so their organizations can thrive, using services like Amazon Kendra, we can support our customers to do just that.”

Shivani Govil, EVP of Emerging Tech and Ecosystems, Sage

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