Provides a conceptual overview of Amazon Kendra, includes detailed instructions for using the various features, and provides a complete API reference for developers. HTML | PDF


What is Intelligent Search? (2:57)
How Bloomberg Industry Group invested in smarter search with Amazon Kendra (35:08)
Build an intelligent search application in a few clicks with Amazon Kendra (36:48)
AWS re:Invent 2022 - Get the most out of your data with ML-powered search (AIM304) (56:27)
Improve Customer Experience in your SaaS Application with Amazon Kendra Intelligent Search (57:55)
How to get the most out of your data with Intelligent Search (40:50)


Create and query an index

In this tutorial, you learn how to use Amazon Kendra, create a new index and query the index for results.

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Make audio & video files searchable

In this lab, we introduce an open-source solution, MediaSearch, built to make your media files searchable, and consumable in search results.

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