AWS Managed Services

Operational excellence in the cloud


150+ managed guardrails and security checks

Incident management

80% of incidents proactively detected and notified


1.35M SSM docs executed per month, up to 97% automated

Cost savings

10-15% annual operational and AWS cost savings, on average

AWS expertise

24x7 global coverage with tier 1 response and remediation

Why AWS Managed Services?

AWS Managed Services (AMS) helps you adopt AWS at scale and operate more efficiently and securely. We leverage standard AWS services and offer guidance and execution of operational best practices with specialized automations, skills, and experience that are contextual to your environment and applications. AMS provides proactive, preventative, and detective capabilities that raise the operational bar and help reduce risk without constraining agility, allowing you to focus on innovation. AMS extends your team with operational capabilities including monitoring, incident management, AWS Incident Detection and Response, security, patch, backup, and cost optimization. AWS Incident Detection and Response is available in English for workloads hosted in eligible AWS regions.


AMS elevates operational excellence with security monitoring and remediation. AMS continuously mitigates risk for customers by leveraging AWS best practices and a wide suite of AWS native tooling. Our safety mechanisms provide preventative and detective controls.

AMS provides well-architected reviews, configuration rule checks, risk prevention, management, and more. AMS monitors services 24x7x365 with proactive alarms and a complete incident management lifecycle—from detection and response to resolution.

AMS takes an automation first approach to operations to reduce human error and provide consistency, speed, accuracy, and cost-savings. Our customers receive an average annual operational and AWS cost-saving of 10-15%. Through automation, our teams can focus on complex customer problems and continuous improvement mechanisms to achieve customer outcomes.

AMS scales our customers’ operational capabilities and evolves to meet their needs and the constantly changing security landscape. The AMS operating model is based on a continuous learning mechanism that evaluates workloads and pipelines against changing security policies.

AMS offers customers an accelerated path towards meeting their compliance needs. AMS has achieved compliance certifications and attestations against frameworks such as PCI DSS, ISO, CSA STAR CCM, HITRUST CSF, and SOC 1 and 2. AMS has pre-authorization to operate workloads requiring FedRAMP Moderate in Commercial regions, and workloads requiring FedRAMP High in AWS GovCloud (US).

Use cases

Monitoring & Observability

To establish a strong foundation for securely operating your workloads in the cloud, it is critical to consider how you plan to monitor the health of your workloads. An observable environment reduces risk, increases agility, and improves customer experience. AMS elevates operational excellence with 24x7x365 proactive monitoring of activity and incidents to ensure availability and resiliency. Through automation, AMS detects and proactively notifies customers of 80% of incidents, increasing as we continue to learn from experience.

Configuration, Compliance & Auditing

Organizations operate in a compliance landscape that is complex, dynamic, and evolving rapidly, facing internal requirements as well as external industry, national, and international regulations. AMS offers customers an accelerated path towards meeting compliance certifications and attestations against PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HiTrust, GDPR, ISO, SOC 1, 2 and 3, FedRAMP Moderate and High. AMS helps customers configure their environment to be secure by providing time-tested safety mechanisms aligned with NIST, 150+ managed guardrails and security checks, and the most up-to-date best practices.

Centralized Operations Management

The cloud landscape is constantly evolving, and keeping up with new security threats can be time consuming, costly, and require ample cloud talent. AMS scales our customers’ operational capabilities and constantly evolves to meet their changing needs. The AMS operating model is based on a continuous learning mechanism that evaluates workloads and pipelines against changing security policies. With every interaction, we iterate and improve customers’ operating models, through tuning alarms, creating automations, and adding new monitors and service level indicators.

Enterprise Governance & Controls

In order to provide transparency in governance, we offer reporting from various native AWS services to summarize key performance metrics of AMS, including an executive summary and cost-saving insights, as well as granular details of incidents and performance. AMS allows enforcing of AMS and non-AMS tags to ensure they comply with enterprise governance and auditing control. AMS can take over administration and maintenance of Control Tower environments and offer monitoring and remediation.
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