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ScaleOut StateServer with GeoServer

ScaleOut StateServer with GeoServer

By: ScaleOut Software Latest Version:

Product Overview

ScaleOut StateServer with ScaleOut GeoServer adds disaster recovery and global data integration to ScaleOut StateServer, an in-memory data grid (distributed cache) which runs as a distributed software service on a set of dedicated virtual servers. ScaleOut StateServer stores data objects in memory, makes them instantly accessible to networked Web or application servers, and scales to handle large workloads. For more details, read the full description of ScaleOut StateServer listed in the AWS Marketplace.

ScaleOut GeoServer provides disaster recovery and global data integration (GDI) for multiple, remote, in-memory data grids (IMDGs). When configured for disaster recovery ("push" mode), it replicates data between IMDGs at multiple sites (cloud or on-premises) to protect against site-wide failures, while allowing all sites to be active. ScaleOut GeoServer transparently scales replication bandwidth as the workload grows. For GDI, ScaleOut GeoServer can be configured to enable the creation of a single, virtual data grid that spans IMDGs at multiple sites ("pull" mode) with seamless access to data regardless of where it is stored. GDI can be used to provide automatic data migration and elastic scaling to an additional site to meet temporary demand spikes. Up to eight sites can be interconnected using ScaleOut GeoServer. AWS instances include Standard Support. Premium support packages are available directly from ScaleOut Software.


Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2.0.20240109.0

Delivery Methods

  • CloudFormation Template

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