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Ethereum Geth Node Pre-synced

Ethereum Geth Node Pre-synced

By: Launchnodes Latest Version: v1.11.2-13

Product Overview

Launchnodes provides a pre-synced Geth Node on AWS for staking ETH and other Layer 2 solutions. For the purposes of ETH staking Geth is an execution layer client.

Launchnodes provide a pre-synced Geth node for people staking ETH that can be used by all consensus layer clients. These consensus layer clients can run on public cloud or private data centre infrastructure. Making it easier and cheaper to stake ETH

All ETH Layer 2 solutions also require an Ethereum Geth node. This easy to run pre-synced node running on AWS supports building in the Layer 2 eco-system.

We focus on Ethereum Staking and our desire for mass participation means we provide all the lego bricks involved in ETH staking for clients to build their own solutions using Launchnodes as a fully managed service or level 3 technical support.

Launchnodes takes no staking commission from clients, rather provides software and professional services so clients can run their own nodes and keep all the returns themselves.

Ethereum will transition to a proof of stake network through the Beacon chain. Today Staking is done by running consensus layer clients to which 32 ETH is attached through the Ethereum launchpad.

The Major nodes today are

Lighthouse (Sigma Prime)
Nimbus (Status)
Prysm (Prysmatic Labs)
Teku (PegaSys)

To stake ETH on any consensus layer client requires an execution layer client. Today the most useful execution layer client is Geth, due to how extensively it is used, the developer community that supports it and the documentation around it.

Using Launchnodes' pre-synced Geth client on AWS allows customers to stake ETH using any of these different clients. It also makes it much easier to do so as our Geth for staking node allows you to sync your staking infrastructure much more quickly. Reducing the time from days to a few hours.

Customers use Launchnodes Geth node to build highly resilient staking architectures using public cloud and their own data centre infrastructure.

A pre-synced node saves you the syncing time, which is normally more than 2 days. Using Launchnodes pre-synced nodes it will take you 1 or 2 hours.

As Geth is mission critical in your staking operation having a high availability instance that is synchronised in a short period of time to the network, empowers your technical teams to keep your staking validator nodes 100% effective.

Using a Launchnodes pre-synced Geth node allows you to stake ETH more easily and at a lower cost on your own infrastructure or using AWS, Azure or GCP.

It also provides clients to choose their consensus layer client or run a mix of different clients easily and with higher levels of resilience.

Geth is important and used by all Ethereum Layer 2 solutions and so providing a high availability pre-synced node we feel helps all people and organisations building in the Ecosystem.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux Amazon Linux 2

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