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LokDon ECSMID V 1.0.0 SDK

By: LokDon Latest Version: ECSMID V 1.0.0 BYOL

Product Overview

ECSMID V 1.0.0 software development kit simply encrypts and decrypts information without moving encryption keys from point A to point B. It is arguably the first of many post-quantum cryptographies implemented with decentralization in mind. - Security module as a software service (SMAASS).

As a foundational solution it reduces the steps for implementing key based security systems while accelerating business velocity and best user experience. It will remain the first layer in most emerging technology for privacy preservation and information security.

It is not a hassle to the users!
It is not prone to cyber-attacks!
It is not hard to maintain!
It is over 10x capacity to the status quo!

All entities that require authentication do not have to store, move, reuse and manage keys.

The SDK has autonomous polymorphic and homomorphic encryption (APHE). Characterization of post quantum cryptography that could be applied by corporations building large applications.

Application platforms for ECSMID V 1.0.0 License:

a. Mobile (android, IOS setup file or lib)
b. Web (wasm, js)
c. Server (SDK
d. Desktop (custom csharp lib)

Most of these corporations have need for privacy preservation and information security.

For this the licenses are needed:

Transaction (call-request)
a. General Text Encryption
b. Password Encryption
c. Pin Encryption
d. Transaction Pin Encryption
e. Files and Binary Data Encryption
f. Session ID encryption

Authentication (post and get)
a. Java web (universal address wallet) token (JWUT)
b. dynamic communication exchange object

Mobile fit Unique Origin identifiers
a. Data fingerprinting
b. Digital entity for example NFT, Blockchain, Metaverse
c. Physical entity for example Device fingerprinting





Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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