Software Procurement with AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace offers features that are tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of users, from builders to procurement leaders.

Procurement at the speed of cloud


Unlock innovation with features that streamline procurement

With AWS Marketplace you can access a broad selection of software solutions from a variety of vendors that can be implemented quickly and with the controls you need – giving you the agility to keep up. The third-party software sellers in AWS Marketplace offer pricing options that give you the flexibility to step your way in to commitments, paying for what you need, when you need it.

Decrease transaction friction with customized terms and flexible payment options

Private Offers and Consulting Partner Private Offers enable you to receive custom software pricing and terms from a third-party that is not publicly available in AWS Marketplace. Meet your software procurement needs with custom terms, volume pricing, and flexible payment options negotiated privately with your preferred independent software vendor (ISV) or Consulting Partner.

Standardized License Terms

Designed in collaboration with buyers and sellers, Standard Contract for AWS Marketplace and Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace give customers the ability to purchase software from participating sellers with standard terms that govern software usage and define obligations of each party. Standard terms allow organizations to alleviate lengthy negotiations, streamline software procurement and speed innovation for their business.

Vendor Insights

Vendor Insights helps simplify third-party software risk assessments by compiling security and compliance information in a unified dashboard. It helps streamline the procurement process by granting buyers access to evidence made available by sellers related to data privacy and residency, application security, and access control. AWS Config and AWS Audit Manager provide automated evidence refreshing, helping buyers perform continual compliance monitoring.

Professional Services in AWS Marketplace

Professional Services available in AWS Marketplace enable you to find and buy assessments, implementation, support, managed services, and training for your third-party software. AWS Marketplace helps you find the software and associated services you need to innovate all in one place, simplifying procurement.

Explore more procurement options

more features
  • Private Marketplace enables administrators to build customized digital catalogs of approved products from AWS Marketplace. Administrators can create unique sets of vetted software available in AWS Marketplace for different AWS accounts within their organization to purchase.

  • AWS customers that make use of the SaaS and usage-based products that they find in AWS Marketplace generally start with a small commitment and then want to upgrade or renew them early as their workloads expand. While the initial contract is still in effect, buyers can communicate with sellers to negotiate a new Private Offer that best meets their needs. The offer can include additional entitlements to use the product, pricing discounts, a payment schedule, a revised contract end-date, and changes to the end-user license agreement (EULA), all in accord with the needs of a specific buyer.

  • Procurement System Integration is a feature that allow enterprises to integrate AWS Marketplace with procurement systems through an industry standard open communication protocol, Commerce XML (cXML). With this feature, builders can find, buy, and deploy from thousands of solutions quickly, and IT Admins can streamline approvals and manage spend directly from their procurement system.

The Total Economic Impact of AWS Marketplace Study 

Read the commissioned Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study to learn how customers benefited from including AWS Marketplace in their software and data procurement strategy

The Total Economic Impact of AWS Marketplace Study 

Read the commissioned Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study to learn how customers benefited from including AWS Marketplace in their software and data procurement strategy

AWS Data Exchange

For data providers, AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to reach the millions of AWS customers migrating to the cloud by removing the need to build and maintain infrastructure for data storage, delivery, billing, and entitling.
Governance & Entitlement

Governance & Entitlement

→ Enable teams to build while implementing controls and automating provisioning
Cost Management

Cost Management

→ Use pricing flexibility and cost transparency to help manage software budgets

Sell in AWS Marketplace

Sell in AWS Marketplace

→ Discover how you can grow your business by selling to millions of AWS customers in AWS Marketplace

Why buy in AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy to find, testbuy, and deploy the third-party software you want, with the simplified procurement and controls you need.

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