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How ISVs have found success migrating away from old guard technology to Amazon Aurora

Enterprise Applications

Amazon Aurora is a great option for any enterprise application that can use a relational database. Compared to commercial databases, Amazon Aurora can help cut down your database costs by 90% or more while improving reliability and availability of the database. Learn how software vendors are using Amazon Aurora to modernize their software applications and deliver more value to customers:



"Amazon Aurora was able to satisfy all of our scale requirements with no degradation in performance. With Alfresco on Amazon Aurora we scaled to 1 billion documents with a throughput of 3 million per hour, which is 10 times faster than our MySQL environment. It just works!"

- John Newton, Founder and CTO - Alfresco

Software as a Service (SaaS) Applications

SaaS applications often use architectures that are multi-tenant, which requires a great deal of flexibility in instance and storage scaling along with high performance and reliability. Amazon Aurora provides all of these features in a managed database offering, helping SaaS companies focus on building high quality applications without worrying about the underlying database that powers the application. Learn how software vendors are using Amazon Aurora to rapidly scale their applications to address customer demand:



“Amazon Aurora has become the database of choice for all our MySQL workloads. Our True Cost Engine delivers cost efficiency to customers, using a new predictive model based on petabytes of customer cost optimization data. To support this kind of analysis, we need a database that is performant, scalable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain and tune. Aurora solves our biggest issues with managing large, production databases with strict SLAs. Now that PostgreSQL is supported, we expect all our PostgreSQL workloads to move to Aurora as well."

- Matt Finlayson, Vice President of Engineering – Cloudability

Already Using Amazon Aurora?

If your company's software product is already running on Amazon Aurora, please certify your application as AWS Database Ready to become eligible for program benefits.