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For marketers:

Amazon Pinpoint

Import customer contact information from a spreadsheet, create a segment, send an email campaign, and view response data.

Amazon Pinpoint

Create a targeted customer segment that you can use in your email, push notification, and SMS message campaigns.

For developers:

Amazon Pinpoint

Use Postman to send API requests to the Amazon Pinpoint REST API, and to receive responses to your requests.

Amazon Pinpoint

Build a complete solution that brings customer information into Amazon Pinpoint from an external customer database.

Amazon Pinpoint

Create a web page that enables customers to manage their email subscription preferences.

Amazon Pinpoint

Set up a web form that collects information from new customers, and then sends them a message to confirm that they want to receive content from you.

Help and technical documentation

User Guide

Describes key concepts for Amazon Pinpoint and provides instructions for using the Amazon Pinpoint console.

Developer Guide

Describes how to integrate Amazon Pinpoint functionality into your app and includes development instructions for its features.

API Reference

Describes the resources and operations associated with the Amazon Pinpoint REST API, and provides sample API requests and responses.


Email API Reference

Describes the REST API resources and operations associated with the Amazon Pinpoint Email API.


SMS and Voice API Reference

Describes the REST API resources and operations associated with the Amazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice API.


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