Centralized operations management

Centrally manage and operate your resources on AWS

You trust AWS for migrating your workloads and modernizing your applications. With AWS Systems Manager, you can break down operational silos and bring them together into one interface, one toolset, and one skillset - all within the context of a modern application. With the modern operational capabilities in Systems Manager, you can bridge the gap between your legacy infrastructure and the AWS Cloud, manage applications easily and efficiently, at scale and with safety. AWS Systems Manager is the modern operations hub for AWS.

Centralized and automated operations management


Reach operational efficiency faster with automation

Systems Manager allows you to manage infrastructure resources in the context of an application (whether traditional or modern), integrate with CI/CD tools, and provide continuous configuration automation to drive collaboration with development teams to reach operational efficiency faster. You can automate infrastructure request fulfillment, manage incident and problem lifecycles, and manage the risk of changes made to your resources.

Establish operational control and security

Systems Manager helps you establish operational control over your cloud resources. Systems Manager enables you to protect existing organizational investments with service request, incident management, problem management, and change management capabilities. You can enable routine activities such as maintaining patch compliance and securely accessing instances without having to write code or jump through different consoles.

Centrally manage any type of application

Systems Manager gives you a central location to view, maintain, and take action on your applications on AWS. Systems Manager helps you to manage application resources through a single integrated experience with central visibility and control, and automation to reduce application downtime. You can centrally monitor and fix compliance and configuration drift and easily secure applications and underlying resources.

Customer stories

Neiman Marcus

The Neiman Marcus Group implemented AWS Systems Manager to help with its migration to the cloud. Using AWS Systems Manager, Neiman Marcus was able to find a highly automated and secure approach to solve patch management, improve visibility and control, and to maintain security and compliance.

“We chose AWS Systems Manager because we were looking for a robust solution for our support personnel to access Amazon EC2 instances along with capability of an audit trail. Before, we used bastion hosts, which required us to manage and a maintain a host for each VPC. This process cost us engineering time, and required 20+ additional instances for the hosts. With Systems Manager, we can rid engineers of this undifferentiated heavy lifting. And as a result, we have reduced our footprint of bastion hosts per VPC, saving numerous instances. In addition, we have been able to manage critical patching of numerous Amazon EC2 instances by leveraging existing personnel, improving our security and compliance posture.”

Hemanth Jayaram, Director of Cloud Center of Excellence - Neiman Marcus


Intercom implemented AWS Management and Governance services to replace various manual processes, allowing them to gain visibility and control of their AWS infrastructure.

“Our use of AWS Systems Manager has saved hundreds of engineer hours per year by fully automating patch management and automatically fixing broken hosts. We use Amazon CloudWatch for day-to-day autoscaling, as well as resource utilization management and tracking. With AWS CloudTrail, we can audit logs for changes, allowing us to meet compliance requirements. Using AWS Config, we can easily visualize and navigate timelines of configuration changes in our environment. Overall, the Management and Governance services have allowed us to establish secure management at scale while saving costs.”

Brian Scanlan, Principal Systems Engineer - Intercom


Using AWS Systems Manager, EAB established a “universal fact database” to complement AWS CloudFormation and has been able to expedite maintenance processes.

“AWS Systems Manager allows us to monitor our infrastructure and empower developers, as we can enfranchise development teams to be accountable for their stacks. We use the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store as database in conjunction with CloudFormation. EAB provides common components in every account, such as VPC, subnets, jump hosts, standard security groups for different application profiles (e.g., public HTTPS access), and more. We refer to these as our ‘universal fact database.’ These components are all recorded into Systems Manager parameters that can be incorporated as inputs into our CloudFormation templates. In addition, with Systems Manager Documents and Associations, we can handle various maintenance tasks. For example, we can apply OS patches for any server tagged as a ‘pet’ and sync IAM users with OS users.”

Bob Alcorn, VP, Cloud Operations – EAB

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