Configuration, compliance, and auditing

Audit and remediate your resource configurations 

With AWS, you can be confident in your cloud compliance. Our comprehensive compliance solutions give you peace of mind that your data and workloads are protected. No matter your size or industry, you can trust AWS to help you with your compliance and risk management needs, just as thousands of customers have done before you. AWS services record 500 billion auditing API events every day and 2 billion resource configuration checks each month. We’ve simplified and automated compliance and auditing processes to save you time and effort.

Configuration, Compliance, and Auditing


Automated compliance management

Save time and remove the risk of human error when you automate and scale compliance management. AWS automatically identifies, optimizes, and remediates resource configurations for continuous compliance and operational efficiency. Our immutable record of resource configuration, user activity, and API usage can be trusted for your auditing, compliance, and security processes.

Continuous oversight

With AWS, you can continuously monitor your risk management controls in a centralized view. AWS helps you aggregate and prioritize your compliance and security findings across AWS and third-party services to highlight emerging trends and possible issues. Gain insights into your compliance posture and easily troubleshoot where needed.

Assurance of compliance

Ensure that your risk management controls stand up to audit when you use AWS configuration, compliance, and auditing solutions. Streamline your audit processes with ready-to-go templates that align to industry standards and regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and FedRAMP; automated logging and cryptographic protection of user activity and API logs; and continuous gathering of compliance evidence across your organization.

Customer stories

Topdanmark, a Danish insurance company, wanted to visualize AWS Config data in Amazon QuickSight dashboards.

“These dashboards offer insight to the teams and managers using your AWS accounts. If you use AWS Config rules, you can visualize which resources are compliant or noncompliant with your rules and share this data in compliance reviews with your development and operational teams.”

Henrik André Olsen, Solution Architect - Topdanmark

Learn how Topdanmark visualized resource configuration and compliance 

Genesys, a leader for omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions, implemented AWS Config to optimize resource usage, which helped them reduce costs.

“AWS Config has greatly simplified our multi-account and multi-region strategy...Deploying the AWS Config configuration recorder across all deployed AWS Regions and accounts enables us to detect and clean up unused resources, resulting in significant cost reductions. It also enables us to better optimize our usage of AWS and avoid running up against AWS resource limits. Combined with AWS Config’s centralized reporting through aggregators, we get a holistic view of all of our environments in a single place.”

Bradley Segobiano, Lead Software Engineer in DevOps - Genesys

Learn how Genesys optimized resources and costs 

LendingTree, an online lending marketplace, wanted to track manual changes in development environments and relate resources to costing, applications, teams, and projects through proper use of tagging.

“The implementation of AWS Config rules has helped us to stay more consistent and limit human errors.”

Howard Zeemer, Manager of Operational Tools and Automation - LendingTree

Learn how LendingTree improved security analysis and resource administration 
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