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Topic: Generative AI

AWS Innovation with Loka

April 2024

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About the Episode 

On this episode of Innovation Ambassadors, we showcase the journey of Loka, a pioneering Silicon Valley full stack consultancy working with customers across industries to accelerate their Gen AI, Big Data, DevOps, and design projects. As an advanced member of the AWS Partner Network, Loka offers unique insights into the evolving landscape of Gen AI.

Host Sara Armstrong is joined by Bobby Mukherjee, Loka's visionary founder and CEO. Together, they explore the potential of unstructured data for innovation and discuss Gen AI's impact across various industries. Bobby shares his passion for Life Sciences and reflects on technology's transformative role in this field.

You'll also hear about the importance of experimentation and customer-centricity in driving innovation forward and the flexibility that AWS provides in using different Large Language Models (LLM) to deliver customer value. 

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AWS Innovation with Loka


00:00 - Introduction and Mission of Loka
02:04 - Partnership with AWS
04:45 - Insights from Gen AI Customer Engagements 
08:09 - Harnessing Unstructured Data with Gen AI

09:58 - Trends in Gen AI Adoption
13:15 - Experimentation and Entrepreneurship
23:30 - Innovator's Mindset and Experimentation
26:36 - Future of Loka and AI


Success in entrepreneurship is not a straight line escalator ride up into the right. It's more like a pinball in a pinball machine, it bounces around, and then you hit a number and something really exciting happens!  Bobby Mukherjee

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