In this module, you learn to evaluate the model by placing the TurtleBot 3 Burger in different locations, and checking whether the trained model can successfully navigate the TurtleBot 3 Waffle Pi to the Burger.

Time to complete module:10 minutes

Services used: AWS RoboMaker, AWS Cloud9

  • Step 1. Start the evaluation simulation job

    On the AWS Cloud9 menu bar, select “RoboMaker Run”, “Launch simulation”, then “2. ObjectTracker Evaluate Model”. Wait until training job completes in module 2 before continuing.

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    If the following dialog pops up, choose “OK” to continue.

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  • Step 2. Visualize the RL model working

    In the AWS RoboMaker console, go to Simulation jobs section and select the new simulation job created by choosing the link. Make sure the job has the status of “Running”.

    In the evaluation job detail page, open Gazebo again. This time, try to move the TurtleBot 3 Burger around and see if the TurtleBot 3 Waffle Pi follows it. To move the TurtleBot 3 Burger around, choose the arrow button in action bar.

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