APN Partner Funding benefits are designed to accelerate APN Partners’ growth and development on AWS. The program benefits allocate funds to partners who have a demonstrated commitment to delivering excellence to customers on AWS. APN Partners can increase the value they bring to customer engagements through AWS Training and Certification completion, as well as grow their firm’s market reach through new offering development, increased lead generation and pipeline, and accelerated customer solutions to AWS. Our Partner Funding Programs offer benefits for APN Partners at the APN Standard tier and above.

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Jeff Aden
EVP of Marketing & Strategic Business Dev. & Co-Founder
2nd Watch - Premier APN Consulting Partner

AWS Training and Certification increases APN Partner capacity for the promotion, delivery, and support of AWS Solutions by helping APN Partners gain proficiency in AWS Services. The APN Partner Enablement benefits offer funding to accelerate the onboarding of your technical resources and help to prepare your team for the AWS Certification Exam.

As you build your business on AWS, you may be eligible to access the Innovation Sandbox. This benefit extends AWS promotional credits toward the development of new offerings on AWS and the ability to trial new services with and for customers. The goal is to enable your firm to effectively integrate AWS services into your solution or launch a product in general availability on AWS.

The Market Development Funds (MDF) Program is designed to enable APN Partner driven demand generation and go-to-market (GTM) activities. APN Partners may be eligible to access MDF Program funding, based on tier, to support marketing initiatives designed to generate demand for APN Partner products, services and solutions on AWS. The MDF Program helps to increase APN Partner pipeline and accelerate revenue growth.

The AWS Proof of Concept (POC) Program is designed to facilitate AWS customer projects executed via eligible APN Partners. To accelerate a customer’s AWS adoption, the Proof of Concept (POC) Program provides AWS funding to facilitate qualified APN Partners in pursuing strategic or enterprise customer projects on AWS. APN funding benefits may include free AWS usage or co-funded Professional Services. Ultimately, the goal of the POC Program is to accelerate customer onboarding of enterprise workloads to AWS and to develop customer references and/or case studies that APN Partners can use to demonstrate their AWS expertise.

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Eligibility rules apply to all funding benefits.