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CyberGRX creates a risk management platform that pinpoints, measures, and prioritizes third-party cyber risks, transforming third-party cyber risk management for enterprises all over the world. It chose to build on Amazon Web Services (AWS) due to the simplicity of deployment and how the design mapped easily to the company's existing workflows.

"We needed to run massive parallel computations on our Bayesian network algorithm and decided to use the AWS Step Functions distributed map state because it provided the capability to scale in a way that was unattainable before. Using Distributed Map, we were able to process the entire exchange, 227,000 companies worth of data—57 billion data points—in under an hour, which previously took us over 8 days of processing. Not only did it save us a massive amount of manpower time, it also made it far less expensive."

Charles Burton, Director, Senior Software Engineer – CyberGRX

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