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AWS SAP Competency Partners have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success in SAP implementation, migration, and innovation. No matter what SAP system you run or strategy you’d like to adopt, AWS and AWS SAP Competency Partners have the experience, tooling, methods, and best practices to streamline your migration or transformation.

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“At our daily meetings, I would often be surprised that the Linke team was already working on elements I had on my agenda. Linke also invested considerable time in understanding the business impact of everything it did and how its actions affected end users.”

Glen Lencastle, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer, Madrileña Red de Gas

“We’ve been able to scale quickly. And, with Capgemini acting as our cloud managed services provider, the data center and administration management is removed from our plates.”
Ninad Karkamkar, Director, SAP, Deluxe Entertainment
“Working with AWS and Lemongrass, we were given the resources, support, and scale we needed to meet tight timelines and resolve any issues that arose quickly."
David Hall, Head of Business Solutions, Compass Group UK

“We knew that 3Hold had the expertise to build us a flexible SAP environment using AWS. And we liked the fact that AWS would give us a built-in disaster recovery solution from day one with its multiple Availability Zones.” 

Begoña Beotegui, Chief Information Officer, Fund Grube

“Without SE16N running SAP in the cloud, we couldn’t have delivered this project.”
Michał Suszka, Director, SAP Center of Excellence, Śnieżka

"Lemongrass and AWS did an excellent job of communicating and coordinating resources. That included meeting with and updating us regularly, so that we all stayed on the same page throughout the process."

Eric Fisher, Director of Enterprise IT Systems, GROWMARK

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