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The traditional security and compliance strategies that organizations employ in their on-premises data centers often do not transition well to the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) means you have a partner in security who has a vested interest in keeping your environment safe. Cloud adoption and operation on AWS enables you to protect your data, meet compliance requirements, and cost-effectively and securely scale up or down.

The APN Partners featured below have the knowledge and expertise to offer solutions that will update your company’s security posture and improve its compliance.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, no matter what software you build and sell, you must prove to prospects and customers that your platform is secure and their data is safe. If you're a security, technology, or product leader, you’ll need to instill confidence that your business won’t suffer from the reputation damage or operational disruption as a result of a security breach.

Sigstr, an email signature marketing company, turned to Threat Stack on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to secure its SaaS platform and growing customer base. Join the upcoming webinar to better understand what it takes to secure and grow a modern SaaS organization.

Webinar Topic: Sigstr’s Tale of Building Customer Trust and Winning Business through Security with Threat Stack on AWS
Customer Presenter: Sam Smith, Chief Architect, Sigstr
AWS Presenter: Ian Scofield, Solutions Architect, AWS
Threat Stack Presenter: Chris Ford, VP of Product, Threat Stack
Time: April 24th, 2018  10:00 AM PT | 1:00PM ET

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Organizations looking to move their workloads to the cloud are finding that the security tools they’ve traditionally used do not place enough emphasis on protecting web applications, create performance choke points, and overburden IT staff with manual processes. Alert Logic’s security-as-a-service offerings allow you to overcome these challenges with continuous discovery, configuration assessment, managed detection and response, and vulnerability management, so you can stay secure and compliant on AWS.

In this webinar, Alert Logic will talk about how you can protect your AWS workloads with their suite of security offerings in a matter of days instead of months, without having to hire additional staff. You’ll also learn how Rent-A-Center uses Alert Logic to comply with SOX and PCI, increase efficiency of security operations, and maintain a strong security posture on AWS.

Webinar Topic: How Rent-A-Center Stays Secure and Compliant on AWS with Alert Logic
Customer Presenter: Mike Santimaw, VP of Information Security, Innovation Labs and Corporate Solutions, Rent-A-Center
AWS Presenter: Patrick McDowell, Partner Solutions Architect
Alert Logic Presenter: Ryan Holland, Senior Director, Technology Services Group, Alert Logic
Time: April 24th, 2018 1:00PM PDT | 4:00PM EDT

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Sophisticated application-layer attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent, posing threats to your productivity and security that traditional firewalls are not well-equipped to handle. Selecting the right Web Application Firewall (WAF) is an important piece to stopping application threats and mitigating vulnerabilities.

Join our webinar to hear experts from F5 and AWS discuss how WAF solutions can help you better safeguard your data, meet compliance standards, and establish ongoing protection for your workloads on the cloud

Webinar Topic: How to Enhance Your Application Security Strategy with F5 on AWS
AWS Presenter: Nick Matthews, Sr. Solutions Architect
F5 Presenter: Nathan McKay, Product Marketing Manager
Time: April 25th, 2018 10:00AM PT | 1:00PM ET

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In this webinar, we will show you how Inovalon, a healthcare focused technology consulting firm headquartered in Bowie, M.D. deploys cloud-based platforms on AWS that meet strict HIPAA security requirements, all while minimizing security, administration and infrastructure costs. By using the Sophos UTM Auto Scaling security solution and a shared security AWS architecture, the Inovalon security team is able to centrally deploy and manage an ingress security layer for each client VPC across multiple AWS accounts.

Webinar Topic: How Inovalon Uses Sophos to Control Security Costs on AWS
AWS Presenter: Scott Ward, Solutions Architect
Customer Presenter: Frank Scalzo, Director, Cloud Technologies & Engineering at Avalere Health\Inovalon
Sophos Presenter: Bill Prout, Security Architect Manager, IaaS
Time: April 26th, 2018 1:00PM PT | 4:00PM ET

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  • Protect your entire AWS environment by implementing a strategy that simplifies scalable security management from a single-pane-of-glass and helps your organization constantly meet compliance requirements
  • Protect your data on the cloud with a security-as-a-service solution that provides continuous discovery, software vulnerability scanning, and configuration assessments
  • Keep your customers’ data safe on AWS with a centrally managed, flexible security solution that can be easily integrated with the cloud environment and rapidly scale up or down to meet your needs
  • Meet your security and compliance requirements using a combination of tools and resources that protect the entirety of complex cloud environments
  • Automated security solutions can help protect you from sophisticated application-layer attacks on AWS, helping to minimize the risk of advanced threats and mitigate vulnerabilities
  • Select the right Web Application Firewall (WAF) for your cloud environment to protect your data from known and unknown threats, and leverage automated learning capabilities to keep unwanted incursions at bay.