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Cloud security at AWS is job zero. All AWS customers benefit from a data center and network architecture built to satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. 

APN Partners offer hundreds of industry-leading products that are equivalent, identical to, or integrate with existing controls in your on-premises environments. These products complement the existing AWS services to enable you to deploy a comprehensive security architecture and a more seamless experience across your cloud and on-premises environments. To help you get started, check out the following featured security partner solutions, validated by the AWS Competency Program to help you in multiple areas including: infrastructure security, security monitoring, vulnerability management, and data protection.

VM-Series with GlobalProtect from Palo Alto Networks is a security solution designed to help protect your hybrid Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment and to help your organization achieve PCI Compliance. Warren Rogers, a major provider for tracking systems for fuel delivery in the oil and gas industry, chose Palo Alto Networks to help them create a secure hybrid environment that not only met compliance and regulatory standards, but helped them reduce TCO and scale with ease.

Join our upcoming webinar to hear Palo Alto Networks and AWS discuss best practices for creating consistent security across hybrid IT environments using VM-Series with GlobalProtect, and how Warren Rogers leveraged it to help achieve PCI Compliance.

Webinar Topic: Palo Alto Networks: Protection for Security & Compliance
Customer Presenter: Matt McLimans, Network Security Engineer, Warren Rogers
AWS Presenter: Matt Lehwess, Partner Solutions Architect, Network Security, AWS
Palo Alto Networks Presenter: Matt Keil, Director of Product Marketing
Time: November 15th, 2016 | 10:00 - 11:00 AM Pacific Time

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Check Point vSEC delivers advanced, multi-layered threat prevention security for your Amazon Web Services (AWS) workloads, protecting assets and enabling secure connectivity from enterprise networks to your AWS resources. Courtagen Life Sciences, a leader in genomic services, chose Check Point Software Technologies to help them secure their cloud environment to maintain compliance, reduce IT expenses and leverage the full capabilities of the AWS Cloud.

Join our upcoming webinar to hear Check Point Software Technologies and AWS discuss how to extend uniform security protections across hybrid cloud environments using Check Point vSEC with R80 Management, and how they helped Courtagen Life Sciences streamline their cloud migration.

Webinar Topic: Check Point vSEC: Secure Your AWS Workloads
Customer Presenter: Brendan McKernan, President and Co-Founder, Courtagen Life Sciences
AWS Presenter: Nick Matthews, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
Check Point Security Technologies Presenter: Don Meyer, Head of Product Marketing, Data Center
Time: December 6th, 2016 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM Pacific Time

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Barracuda has created numerous solutions to help simplify your organization's IT environment with cloud-connected security. Barracuda Web Application Firewall specifically addresses this by providing scalable and elastic security for your web-facing applications and automatically updating to adapt to new threats in the cloud.

Join Barracuda and Iris Solutions to learn how the Barracuda Web Application Firewall on AWS helps protect web-facing applications from targeted and automated attacks.

Webinar Topic: Barracuda WAF: Scalable Security for Applications on AWS
AWS Presenter: Nick Matthews, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
Barracuda Presenter: Richard Turner, Product Marketing, Barracuda
Time: November 17th, 2016 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM Pacific Time

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Okta is a foundation for secure connections between people and their applications, because they know that when technology is able to act on a consistent stream of information about a person, and still keep that information safe, it can do great things. Okta's IT products for AWS uniquely use identity information to grant people access to applications on any device at any time, while still enforcing strong security protections. Okta on AWS provides an identity and access management solution that enables you to resolve a multitude of login and user administration issues, allowing your employees to focus on innovating.

Learn how Okta on AWS enables organizations to focus on business, rather than infrastructure by automating administration & streamlining IAM.

Webinar Topic: Streamline Identity Management & Administration on AWS
AWS Presenter:
Patrick McDowell, Solutions Architect, AWS
Okta Presenter: Stephen Lee, Director of Platform Solutions at Okta; Raphael Londner- Developer Advocate
Time: October 20th, 2016 | 10:00 - 11:00 AM Pacific Time

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Whether you are moving to the AWS Cloud or already are a customer, you need an easy-to-use security solution that is built for the AWS Cloud and is powerful enough to protect your workloads. Sophos Unified Threat Management (UTM) on AWS combines an easy-to-use management interface with comprehensive protection in a solution that is designed for the AWS Cloud. With Sophos UTM on AWS you can quickly and easily deploy and scale a security solution that protects your cloud-based workloads to meet the needs of your business.

Hear from Sophos end user REAN Cloud on why they trust Sophos UTM for simplicity, visibility and security. See how easy it can be to protect your AWS workloads, with a proven and scalable solution designed for the AWS Cloud.

Webinar Topic: Security Innovations in the Cloud
Customer Presenter: Sri Vasireddy, REAN Cloud, Managing Partner
AWS Presenter: Nick Matthews, Solutions Architect
Sophos Presenter: Bryan Nairn, Director of Product Marketing
Time: October 19th, 2016 | 10:00 - 11:00 AM Pacific Time

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  • AWS infrastructure components are protected by an extensive network of security monitoring systems that are continuously scanned and tested
  • The AWS production network is segregated from the Amazon corporate network, and access to this network is monitored and reviewed on a daily basis by AWS security managers
  • The AWS infrastructure has been designed to provide the highest availability while putting strong safeguards in place regarding customer privacy and segregation
  • AWS meets the strict requirements of an extensive list of global security standards, including: ISO 27001, SOC, the PCI Data Security Standard, and FedRAMP
  • Benefit from purpose-built security tools tailored for AWS’s unique environment and scale requirements
  • Spend less time on routine tasks and focus on proactive measures that can increase the security of your AWS Cloud environment

Instant visibility into your inventory. The first step in securing your assets is knowing what they are. With AWS, you never have to guess what your IT inventory is again. With tools like AWS Config and resource tagging, you can always see exactly what cloud assets you’re using at any given moment. You can easily label each asset for tracking purposes.

DDoS protection. AWS' size and scale gives you DDoS resiliency options. The AWS infrastructure is equipped to handle extremely large amounts of traffic, and when you use AWS services like Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, CloudWatch, and CloudFront, you can architect a highly available system that can help you withstand DDoS attacks.

Built-in redundancy. When you use AWS features like Auto Scaling Elastic Load Balancing, you can ensure that your production systems remain online and traffic is always routed to healthy instances. You can continuously replicate your data and have it ready to bring online if your primary nodes fail, only paying for the nodes when you actually use them.

Independent regions providing data privacy protection. You can choose the area that meets your data privacy requirements - The AWS Cloud operates 33 Availability Zones within 12 geographic Regions around the world, with 10 more Availability Zones and 5 more Regions coming online throughout the next year. AWS never moves your data out of the region you put it in without your express instruction.