AWS Verified is a video series that showcases conversations with global security leaders focusing on important security topics and their diverse experiences. AWS CISO Steve Schmidt sits down with security leaders from a variety of industries to cover a broad range of topics. Topics include tips for creating an effective security program from the ground up, how to create a culture of security, emerging security trends, and more.


How Netflix Thinks About Cybersecurity | AWS Verified

AWS CISO Steve Schmidt sits down with Netflix's Jason Chan to discuss zero trust, creating a security culture and how Netflix approaches security during the pandemic. 

In-depth with Vodafone's Global Cyber Security Director, Emma Smith | AWS Verified
Lockheed Martin on Cyber Resiliency, Cloud Transformation, and Zero Trust | AWS Verified
Autodesk on Security Modernization, Data Protection and Trust | AWS Verified
Comcast on Cybersecurity, Zero Trust, and Diversity in Tech | AWS Verified
A conversation with Harvard University's Belfer Center Co-Director, Eric Rosenbach | AWS Verified

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Creating a Culture of Security
Creating a Culture of Security
Norms and practices can help establish awareness of risks
Cultivating Security Leadership
Cultivating Security Leadership
Go beyond systems and tools and invest in your people
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Best practices to help your company design secure workloads on AWS
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