Amazon SES

Get reliable, scalable email to communicate with customers at the lowest industry prices

Deliver high-volume email campaigns with the service that sends hundreds of billions of emails per year.

Reach customers’ inboxes as a trusted sender with secure email authentication.

Improve your bottom line with transparent pricing designed for bulk email.

Stay compliant from day one with HIPAA-eligible and FedRAMP-, GDPR-, and ISO-certified options.

How it works

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) lets you reach customers confidently without an on-premises Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) system.

Diagram showing how Amazon Simple Email Service provides secure and scalable transactional and marketing messaging
Introducing Amazon Simple Email Service (1:09)
Why Amazon SES?
Amazon SES is a cloud email service provider that can integrate into any application for bulk email sending. Whether you send transactional or marketing emails, you pay only for what you use. Amazon SES also supports a variety of deployments including dedicated, shared, or owned IP addresses. Reports on sender statistics and a deliverability dashboard help businesses make every email count.

Use cases

Automate transactional messages

Keep your customers up to date by sending automated emails, such as purchase or shipping notifications, order status updates, and policy change notices.

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Deliver marketing emails globally

Tell customers around the world about products and services through newsletters, special offers, and engaging content.

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Send timely notifications to customers

Send customers timely notifications about their interaction with your products and services, including daily reminders, weekly usage reports, and newsletters.

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Send bulk email communications

Deliver messages—including notifications and announcements—to large groups, and track results using configuration sets.

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How to get started

Find out how Amazon SES works

Learn more about how to deploy a large-scale email solution.

Take hands-on training

Learn the basics of sending emails through Amazon SES.

Connect with an expert

Get the support you need for all your email communications.

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