Cloud Storage Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Data helps you run your business and understand your customers. The cloud helps you store, access, and protect it.

Reliable cloud storage, backup, and disaster recovery

As technology evolves, it can be challenging to ensure your backup and storage solutions are compatible with existing systems. To reduce data loss, you also need to have a disaster recovery plan in place. If you're not sure where to begin, Amazon Web Services can help answer these questions:­

  • How can I reduce my storage spend and eliminate IT infrastructure maintenance?
  • Which backup and storage solutions are compatible with existing systems?
  • Can I improve the data security of my cloud data while also addressing on-premises compliance requirements? 

Learn more about key considerations when evaluating cloud storage solutions and how to get started with AWS storage.

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Protect and store increasing amounts of data in the cloud

Many SMBs migrate to cloud storage systems to more efficiently manage their increasing amount of data. AWS provides cloud storage solutions and expert guidance that enable businesses to transfer data quickly and securely, with reliable disaster recovery backups you can depend on.

Three ways SMBs can get started with AWS Cloud storage

Explore what it takes to migrate your files from on-premises storage or hybrid IT to AWS. Choose from a curated list of cloud storage, backup, recovery, and data transfer services suitable for SMBs.

  • 1. Setup
  • Setup secure and durable cloud storage services

    Manage your data in the cloud

    Access your critical data from virtually anywhere. Amazon Simple Storage Service allows businesses to store, retrieve, archive, and manage large amounts of data easily and cost-effectively.

    Amazon Glacier

    Store data for high-performance workloads

    Divide your seemingly endless amount of data into blocks which makes it more efficient to access and transfer. Amazon Elastic Block Store helps you cluster data, run databases, and more.

    Amazon Glacier

    Scale up or down as needed

    Modernize app development, enhance content management systems, and more with Amazon Elastic File System. It’s a file storage system which automatically adjusts as you add and remove files.

    Amazon Glacier

    Launch file systems in the cloud

    Migrate to fully managed file systems in the cloud, allowing you to focus more attention on your customers and business. Amazon FSx works in hybrid IT environments for common third-party file systems.

    Amazon Glacier

    Access data intensive files

    Increase efficiency for workloads such as visual effects, machine learning, and data analytics. Amazon File Cache is a high-speed cache that makes it easier to process file data, regardless of where it’s stored.

  • 2. Backup
  • Establish business continuity with cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions

    Amazon Glacier

    AWS Cloud backup service

    Many SMBs with limited in-house IT talent need fully-managed backup capabilities. AWS Backup is centrally managed and automates data protection for cloud native and hybrid environments.

    Amazon Glacier

    Third-party cloud backup

    Reduce backup costs up to 50 percent compared to on-premises solutions. Druva is an all-in-one cloud backup and recovery service for remote offices, data centers, and edge devices.

    Optimize existing cloud backup

    Do you currently use Veeam for backup? Reduce costs by sending long-term archives to AWS Cloud and automating the process to store your backup files most effectively.

    Amazon Glacier

    Minimize downtime and data loss

    Recover your applications within minutes, at their most up-to-date state or from a previous point in time. With AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery you only pay for your full disaster recovery site when needed.

  • 3. Transfer
  • Move your data storage to the cloud

    Amazon Glacier

    Get virtually unlimited storage

    Support compliance efforts and provide on-premises applications access to cloud storage without business disruption on AWS Storage Gateway.

    Amazon Glacier

    Transfer offline data

    Run your business apps in locations with limited network access and transfer data with AWS Snow Family.

    Amazon Glacier

    Prepare and transfer data

    Discover and migrate standard data to AWS with end-to-end security, including encryption and integrity validation on AWS Data Sync.

    Amazon Glacier

    Securely migrate sensitive data

    Transfer legal, financial, and otherwise confidential data seamlessly. AWS Transfer Family allows you to migrate, automate, and monitor your files by maintaining existing authentication, access, and firewall needs.

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