AWS Snowcone

Snowcone is small rugged, edge compute and data storage product.

AWS Snowcone is the smallest member of the AWS Snow Family of edge computing, edge storage, and data transfer devices, weighing in at 4.5 pounds (2.1 kg) with 8 terabytes of usable storage. Snowcone is ruggedized, secure, and purpose-built for use outside of a traditional data center. Its small form factor makes it a perfect fit for tight spaces or where portability is a necessity and network connectivity is unreliable. You can use Snowcone in backpacks on first responders, or for IoT, vehicular, and drone use cases. You can execute compute applications at the edge, and you can ship the device with data to AWS for offline data transfer, or you can transfer data online with AWS DataSync from edge locations.

Like AWS Snowball, Snowcone has multiple layers of security and encryption. You can use either of these services to run edge computing workloads, or to collect, process, and transfer data to AWS. Snowcone is designed for data migration needs up to 8 terabytes per device and from space-constrained environments where AWS Snowball devices will not fit.

AWS Snowcone is currently available in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), Europe (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Sydney), and Canada (Central) Regions.

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AWS Snowcone uses both hardware and software to provide security that satisfies even the most stringent requirements. It uses hardware-based Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) to store device-specific keys where they are inaccessible to software, helping ensure the integrity of the device. Data stored on the Snowcone is encrypted using two layers of at-rest encryption, which helps to protect the data stored on the device while it is being shipped. Encryption keys are managed with AWS Key Management Service (KMS), and are never stored on the Snowcone device.

Portable edge computing

AWS Snowcone deploys virtually anywhere you need it. It features 2 vCPUs, 4 GB of memory, 8 TB of usable storage, wired access, and USB-C power using a cord or optional battery. You can put it in a messenger bag, run it in an autonomous vehicle or an airplane, or even attach it to a drone.

Withstands harsh environments

AWS Snowcone is built for edge computing and data storage outside of a data center. It is designed to meet stringent standards for ruggedization, including free-fall shock, operational vibration, and more. When sealed, the device is both dust-tight and water-resistant. Snowcone has a wide operating temperature range from freezing to desert-like conditions, and withstands even harsher temperatures in storage.

Flexible data transfer & networking

AWS Snowcone provides options to fit your edge computing, data transfer, and edge storage use case. Using Snowcone’s wired 10 GbE networking, you can collect data at the edge, process it with Amazon EC2 instance AMIs, and then move the data to AWS based on your needs. You can ship the device with data to AWS for offline data transfer, or you can transfer data online with AWS DataSync.

Works with IoT sensors

With support for wired connectivity and local compute, you can use AWS Snowcone as an IoT hub, data aggregation point, application monitor, or a lightweight analytics engine. With Snowcone’s ruggedization, you can put it nearly anywhere your networked devices need to be.

Consistent experience: develop in the cloud, compute at the edge

With Amazon EC2 instances, you can develop and test functions and applications in the cloud, and then deploy them rapidly at the edge with AWS Snowcone. When you need to update your application, simply ship a new Snowcone on-site in a few days, and swap it in.

How it works

How AWS Snowcone Works


Snowcone Edge Computing


Usage Scenario
Edge computing applications, to collect data, process the data to gain immediate insight, and then transfer the data to AWS. Transfer data that is continuously generated by sensors or machines online to AWS from hospitals, factory floors, or at other edge locations.

Customer Examples
Customers in healthcare are using Snowcone as an IoT hub to process data and transfer it to the AWS Cloud. Snowcone provides a secure path for customers to migrate their data to the cloud where they can centrally manage the configuration and operation of Snowcone devices deployed across worldwide customers and organizations.

Snowcone Data Transfer


Usage Scenario
Bulk data transfer into AWS, either offline by shipping physical devices or online using Snowcone with AWS DataSync. Bulk data transfer out of AWS is available online with AWS DataSync. Offline export of data from AWS, is not yet available and will be supported soon on Snowcone.

Customer Examples
Public sector, defense, intelligence, and law enforcement customers are using Snowcone for tactical edge scenarios at land, air, and sea to migrate data to AWS. Customers focused on getting packages from delivery stations to a customer's doorstep are deploying Snowcones in trucks for data collection, processing data locally for immediate insights, and transferring the data to AWS for broader, long-term analysis.

Snowcone Edge Storage


Usage Scenario
Aggregate and process data in edge locations, then transfer to AWS.

Customer Examples
Media and entertainment, professional sports teams, and other content creators use Snowcone to aggregate content from cameras on movie sets, photo shoots, and at sporting events, encode that content, and migrate the data to Amazon S3.

Use cases

Data collection and migration

Organizations need to migrate data to the cloud, but some lack adequate network bandwidth at the source location. They also need to collect data at the edge, where there may be no connectivity. AWS Snowcone devices help you with data collection and migration needs up to dozens of terabytes and from space-constrained and disconnected environments where AWS Snowball devices will not fit. Data transfer to the Snowcone device is made simple with wired connectivity and a native Network File System (NFS) interface. Transportation is secured with an E Ink shipping label and an anti-tamper and tamper-evident enclosure. When bandwidth is available, you can run AWS DataSync on Snowcone for rapid online migration from edge locations to AWS, eliminating the need to wait for device shipping.

Content distribution

Many industries require secure, fast distribution of content, and local storage at their edge locations. You can use AWS Snowball devices for these applications, but industries like airlines, movie studios, hospitals, and even professional sports teams have space constraints or don’t need Snowball’s large capacity to move and process their data. These industries were previously stuck using insecure hard drives that are not integrated with the cloud. Snowcone’s small form factor provides sufficient capacity, portability, and a very small infrastructure footprint. Snowcone gives you the flexibility to securely ship data offline or transfer data online to and from Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, and Amazon FSx for Windows File Server using AWS DataSync. Both online and offline options help automate, simplify, and accelerate content distribution workflows.

Tactical edge computing

Public sector organizations responsible for defense, public safety, disaster response, and other missions increasingly require data collection from sensors, drones, or cameras. Data collection and processing has to take place where these critical teams operate – at bases, on ships and planes, and even in the field. The AWS Snow Family provides the portability, security, ruggedization, and flexible networking options to help tactical teams focus on their mission, and not on setting up and protecting server racks. You can choose between the AWS Snowcone for space- or weight-constrained environments or AWS Snowball for environments where more compute or storage capacity are necessary.

Healthcare IoT

Snowcone can easily be transported, in one hand, by any healthcare professional between floors, to different facilities, or even to remote medical areas, making it even easier to bring storage and computing to the edge closer to where the data is created. Crucial data can be more easily transmitted from emergency medical vehicles to hospitals in real time, allowing for faster processing of data and quicker reaction time to better assist patients. Snowcone also provides a secure path for you to migrate data to the AWS Cloud, further protecting sensitive information.

Industrial IoT

Factories, mines, oil fields, and pipelines are increasingly instrumented with IoT systems for centralized monitoring and analysis. However, these sites commonly have limited bandwidth or are air-gapped to protect against network intrusion. Factory floor and other industrial space is extremely valuable and additional space is often unavailable. Snowcone’s compact design allows for the device to be installed or adhered to surfaces that have minimal extra space. Snowcone’s ruggedized construction allows it to withstand vibrations, dust, and humidity in factory and other industrial environments. Snowcone's battery power option allows for the device to be used in mobile workflows to capture sensor or machine data.

Transportation, logistics, and autonomous vehicles

Organizations that run large fleets of vehicles need to gather data on the conditions of their vehicles and the surrounding environment. Sensors, on-board cameras, and data loggers can produce terabytes of data every day or every trip, which needs to be stored. Common external hard drives lack cloud integration and do not provide adequate security, and traditional servers aren’t designed for the rigors of mobile use or for space- and power-constrained environments. Snowcone provides the small form factor, ruggedized design, flexible power options, and enhanced security features that make collecting data from these environments easy.

AWS Snowcone Factory
AWS Snowcone Warehouse


Deluxe Logo

Deluxe Entertainment

Deluxe, a world-leading video creation and distribution company, is working with AWS to digitally transform their movie business. Deluxe wanted to speed up their media distribution process and improve data security while also reducing costs and eliminating errors. Their Digital Cinema Network uses AWS Snowcone to connect the space-constrained movie theater environment to content stored in Amazon S3, and uses AWS DataSync to accelerate online distribution of movies and advertising to theaters in 38 key media markets worldwide. This solution allows Deluxe to reduce reliance on error-prone, costly, and manual media distribution, while improving data security. It also enables their studio and theater customers to respond faster to local market preferences so they can increase their revenue streams.

“Our work with AWS is a fundamental part of Deluxe’s strategy. One VZN is a leap in innovation for digital cinema distribution which has been stagnant in the past decade, fundamentally changing not only the economics of film distribution for exhibitors and studios around the globe, but enabling new theatrical experiences for viewers as well. The combination of AWS Snowcone, AWS DataSync, and Amazon S3 are essential to One VZN – the collective services distinguish themselves from any other cloud offerings today. The secure, compact AWS Snowcone device, in conjunction with Deluxe’s powerful One platform creates a truly differentiated solution of the industry.”

- Andy Shenkler, Chief Product & Technology Officer of Deluxe

Blog: Deluxe enables same day global theatrical delivery using AWS Snowcone »


SmugMug is a premium online photo and video sharing service for photographers and videographers to store, search, and share their content.

“For over a decade SmugMug has been storing billions of photos and videos for our millions of users in an accessible, available, and secure way using Amazon S3. With the introduction of AWS Snowcone, our customers now have a small, ultra-portable device with 8 terabytes of storage that allows them to capture more content during a photography or videography shoot, process the data locally, and then upload it to the cloud faster than ever. Snowcone’s small form factor and rugged, secure design allows us to simply ship these devices to customers so they can seamlessly copy and preserve their precious and valuable media whether in the comfort of their own home or out on a shoot off the grid in jungles, deserts, forests, mountains, in the middle of the ocean, and even in drone use cases. Customers can then ship the device back to AWS or retain the device for multiple shoots all while transferring their data online with AWS DataSync. Snowcone helps our users and photographers effortlessly and flexibly share their passion, work, and inspiration with each other leveraging the SmugMug platform.”

- Don MacAskill, CEO & Chief Geek, SmugMug and Flickr



Novetta is an advanced analytics solutions company focused on mission success for its customers in the public sector, defense, intelligence, and federal law enforcement communities. In the wake of natural disasters, first responder teams must communicate, maintain a consistent and current view of the affected areas, and track people and assets in dangerous environments. Novetta pioneers disruptive technologies to solve these challenges. Novetta developed a solution to improve situational awareness during disaster response efforts combining AWS storage, edge computing, loT technology, machine learning, long-range low-power wide area wireless networking (LoRaWAN), and Novetta's Ageon ISR software.

"AWS is leading in the development of practical, mission-ready edge computing technology that we use to build solutions to help our public sector clients save lives. AWS Snowcone is a great example of AWS innovation for the edge. Snowcone gives us a rugged, secure, and portable edge computing platform that we can use in disaster zones and austere edge locations. In our recent field exercises, Snowcone performed admirably as a sensor hub at the edge to track people and assets in a disaster zone."

- Rob Sheen, SVP Client Operations at Novetta


Federated Wireless

Federated Wireless

Founded in 2012, Federated Wireless has long led the industry in the development of shared spectrum CBRS capabilities. The company’s partner ecosystem includes more than 40 device manufacturers along with cloud and edge partners, all dedicated to collaborate for the advancement and proliferation of shared spectrum services. Federated Wireless’ customer base includes companies spanning the telecommunications, energy, hospitality, education, retail, office space, municipal, and residential verticals, with use cases ranging from network densification and mobile offload to Private 4G/5G and Industrial IoT.

“The combination of AWS Snowcone and the Federated Wireless Connectivity-as-a-Service private wireless solution enables an expansive variety of new business models and indoor and outdoor deployment scenarios at the edge of the cloud, and even beyond the edge of the network. The small form factor and robust capabilities of Snowcone provides us more flexibility in our technology architecture. The simplified, innovative delivery and proven cloud capabilities of the combined solution give organizations of all types and sizes the security, compute power, portability, and mobility they need to meet their most pressing business and operational objectives."

- Iyad Tarazi, President and CEO of Federated Wireless



CommScope pushes the boundaries of communications technology to create the world’s most advanced networks. Across the globe, CommScope’s people and solutions are redefining connectivity, solving today’s challenges, and driving the innovation that will meet the needs of what’s next.

“Companies looking to deploy private LTE networks and need simple, easy install solutions will find AWS Snowcone, coupled with the CommScope CBRS portfolio, function as an optimal pairing in solving business challenges. Snowcone is a perfect fit for powering up 100s of edge network devices with private LTE mobility. As an AWS technology partner, CommScope’s CBRS solutions including our Spectrum Access System (SAS) and Radio Access Network (RAN) offerings, will easily integrate for quick, frictionless deployments that give users total control of their data. The Snowcone device enables us to continue driving further innovations in our CBRS solutions all while transforming the barrier to entry for private LTE networks.”

- Upendra Pingle, Vice President, Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions, CommScope



Athonet provides a complete in-house software-based LTE/5G connectivity platform that runs in cloud or in virtualized data center environments and on ruggedized hardware.

“Our customers looking to deploy private mobile core in industrial environments for AGV’s, sensor networks, and other mission critical use cases need a secure, ruggedized, and easy to use edge computing platform. AWS Snowcone, along with the Athonet Connectivity Platform, provide customers a natural solution for such scenarios. Being an all-in AWS technology partner, our mobile core platform has been one of the earliest private network solutions available to customers. We are leveraging Snowcone as the edge gateway for both online and disconnected to the cloud operations. The Snowcone device helps us to continue our focus on innovation within the private mobility space, leveraging our partnership with AWS to accelerate industry digital transformation for customers.”

 - Karim El Malki, President, Athonet USA

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