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Discover how AWS customers build, expedite, and scale agricultural solutions in the cloud.

30MHz Builds a Smart Agriculture Solution for Indoor Farms and Greenhouses on AWS

The Dutch company, 30MHz, built a smart agriculture solution that provides growers with near real-time, remote crop monitoring solutions to help them optimize irrigation and ventilation and prevent disease or sunscald. It also improves pest management and predicts shelf life. 30MHz and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Prototyping team co-developed a prototype to modernize this solution on a serverless architecture with AWS IoT Core—a service that lets customers connect billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and route trillions of messages to AWS services without managing infrastructure—and AWS IoT Greengrass. Building on these services, 30MHz processes greenhouse data from the sensors on a local gateway device and continues operations even when offline with intermittent connectivity. 30MHz also built a machine learning pipeline, using Amazon SageMaker, to help growers make climate and irrigation decisions that create optimal conditions for their crops.

Whrrl Expands Financial Inclusion for Farmers in India Using AWS

The Fix This team chatted with Ashish Anand, founder and chief executive officer of India-based startup, Whrrl. Ashish shares how Whrrl uses blockchain technology and AWS to help farmers maximize profits on their crops by strategically harvesting, storing, and selling at specific times. 

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CropX Runs Soil Sensor Application on AWS to Help Global Farmers Enable Sustainability


Water savings across different crop types


Yield increase using sensors for irrigation

"AWS enables us to collect raw data, process it in real time, and provide real-time recommendations that are specific to the crops, the geography, and the soil."

Sagi Briteman
Vice President of Research and Development, CropX

The agricultural analytics startup, CropX, provides data-driven farming solutions that address a global sustainability issue: insight into soil conditions. When farmers lack accurate irrigation and fertilization management capabilities, they are more likely to waste valuable resources such as water and fertilizer. Soil sensors produce large amounts of raw data and CropX realized building a solution on AWS was the best option to process the data and make it easily understandable to farmers in near real time. CropX captures data from thousands of global soil sensors and uses Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) as its primary database and the core for storing data and insights. It also analyzes and saves satellite imagery data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets to provide a more predictive approach to farming.

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OneCup AI Builds Livestock Face Recognition and Monitoring Platform with NVIDIA on AWS

OneCup AI Builds Livestock Face Recognition Platform with NVIDIA on AWS

OneCup AI provides Bovine Expert Tracking and Surveillance (BETSY), an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, facial recognition, tracking, and surveillance platform for the ranching industry. By layering AWS on top of NVIDIA’s solutions, procured from the AWS Marketplace, OneCup AI was able to build, scale, and run hundreds of experiments. This helps the company create multiple AIs that fluidly process video footage of livestock.

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AWS Helps Farmers Leverage the Power of the Cloud to Improve Sustainability

AWS Helps Farmers Leverage the Power of the Cloud to Improve Sustainability

Karen Hildebrand, Worldwide Tech Leader for Agriculture for AWS, speaks to IoT Times about the impact of cloud computing and AI on farming and managing other natural resources. In addition to an interview with Hilderbrand, the multimedia format also features videos of AWS customers Netafim and Beewise, and explores the agricultural work of other AWS customers.

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Bringing World-class Satellite Imagery to Smallholder Farmers with Open Data

Bringing World-Class Satellite Imagery to Smallholder Farmers With Open Data

Precision agriculture uses intensive data collection to help inform decision-making for improved crop production and revenue while decreasing environmental impact. As part of the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI), Nils Helset, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of DigiFarm, shares how AWS and open data support its goal to make agricultural practices more sustainable and efficient.

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