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Genpact Migrates to Amazon Workspaces to Power Remote Workers with Secure Access and Flexibility

Genpact migrated 6,000 users from a hybrid VDI environment to Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream, streamlining VDI services and boosting productivity with on-demand applications.


users onboarded on Amazon WorkSpaces


faster onboarding for VDI users

5 minutes

to scale resources

Flexible integration

on any browser or operating system

Centralized security

Eliminates patching and configuration tasks


Genpact is a global professional services firm that provides business process outsourcing and information technology services to companies in various industries. To simplify provisioning and management of its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) services, Genpact transitioned from a hybrid VDI infrastructure to AWS.  

The company is using Amazon WorkSpaces to empower remote workers and Amazon AppStream 2.0 for secure access to singular applications. By moving VDI workloads to AWS, Genpact has cut costs, reduced provisioning and onboarding time, and made its security management more robust and centralized.

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Opportunity | Seeking a Cloud-Based VDI Solution for Fast Implementation

Genpact believes the cloud is a cornerstone of digital transformation. The global professional services firm has implemented more than 500 cloud-based, data-driven solutions on behalf of its approximately 800 clients across the globe. Genpact is also on its own transformation journey to Amazon Web Services (AWS), with about 85 percent of workloads and applications migrated to AWS as of early 2023. 

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a key component of Genpact’s business operations as well as its service offering to clients. Previously, the company was running its virtual machines using a mix of VDI software deployed on premises and in the cloud. However, as Genpact expanded its operations, particularly in Europe and the US, the number of users requiring secure VDI access grew, leading to increased VDI costs. Due to licensing commitments imposed by its former VDI vendors and inefficiency caused by idle capacity, Genpact sought a consolidated, cloud-based VDI solution with technical support for fast implementation.


VDI is a crucial part of our business, and ensuring our clients' satisfaction is paramount. With Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream, our clients have reported consistent service availability and low latency, and they have access to a wider range of disaster recovery and cost management options.”

Gaurav Demiwal
Global Engineering Lead at Genpact

Solution | Provisioning Virtual Desktops for a Remote Workforce on AWS

In 2021, Genpact began transitioning from its hybrid VDI infrastructure to Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream. Most of the company’s data already resided on AWS, which made it easy to manage and secure VDI data from the AWS console. “We found that other VDI solutions weren’t as mature as AWS,” explains Gaurav Demiwal, global engineering lead at Genpact. “AWS offered the perfect combination of technical maturity and transparent costing, and we’re happy with the proactive support we’ve been receiving.”

Genpact relies on AWS Professional Services to accelerate new project deployment and subscribes to AWS Enterprise Support to provide proactive assistance. AWS Enterprise Support optimizes infrastructure and cost, and provides regular updates and technical trainings, such as immersion days and workshops, to improve Genpact’s ability to manage Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream.

As of early 2023, the company has implemented Amazon WorkSpaces for 6,000 users, and it aims to increase the number of users to 8,000 by Q3 2023. The ability to securely access data stored on AWS rather than vulnerable endpoint devices is vital for Genpact, as its employees often work from clients’ offices or from home.

The ease of provisioning virtual desktops was a major advantage during the early phases of implementation, which coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. Genpact’s clients often request a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) infrastructure with dedicated Amazon WorkSpaces for their own teams. Gaurav estimates that VDI onboarding is about 50 percent faster with Amazon WorkSpaces compared to an on-premises or hybrid approach, in which technicians had to physically visit the data center. “Once we’ve created the desktop image on AWS, we can have 30 virtual machines ready for onboarding within 30 minutes,” he says. 

With Amazon AppStream, Genpact has simplified application delivery and virtual desktops. Clients and internal users can access isolated applications like email servers within their virtual private network, without costly licenses or dedicated virtual machines. Furthermore, users can securely access their software applications from anywhere using their preferred browser. The platform supports a variety of operating systems and hardware, ensuring universal application access and eliminating the need for Genpact to manage Windows patching or updates.

Outcome | Boosting Efficiency and Client Satisfaction with Streamlined VDI Infrastructure

By reducing the complexity and time for onboarding new users and scaling VDI workloads, Genpact has provided lower costs for customers and improved client satisfaction. Furthermore, Genpact’s clients are now ready for further digital transformation in the cloud.

“VDI is a crucial part of our business, and ensuring our clients' satisfaction is paramount,” says Gaurav. “By using Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream, our clients have reported consistent service availability and low latency, and they have access to a wider range of disaster recovery and cost management options.”

By using AWS on-demand compute instances, Genpact's clients can start with low CPU or RAM and assess performance for their applications or virtual desktops without committing to fixed capacity loads. This flexibility means they can easily test and adjust their resource requirements as needed. "Our on-premises setup required calculating available and required bandwidth and configuring infrastructure before scaling,” Gaurav explains. “Now, we can scale resources on AWS in just 5 minutes, providing real-time response to client demands.”

Many clients request a dedicated disaster recovery site for their VDI workloads, a service Genpact can offer with ease on AWS. The business uses multiple AWS Regions and Availability Zones (AZs) to meet customers’ specific recovery time objectives. Furthermore, Genpact’s InfoSec team is spending less time on security configurations and patching. Technicians can set up and monitor VDIs in one console rather than configuring multiple firewalls and subnets between on-premises networks and virtual workspaces. Less configuration effort also leads to less potential for human error. 

In addition to its goal of having 8,000 users on Amazon WorkSpaces by Q3 2023, Genpact is making Amazon AppStream its default tool for launching conference calls on applications, including Zoom. “The focused approach and support from AWS help us drive new projects and improve our infrastructure for more robust, performance-oriented solutions,” concludes Gaurav. 

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Genpact is a global professional services firm that combines real-world expertise with innovation to optimize business operations. With expertise in digital, data, and operations across a range of industries, Genpact serves around 800 clients worldwide.

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Amazon AppStream

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