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HirePro Runs Its Artificial Intelligence on AWS to Deliver Frictionless Virtual Hiring

By building its recruitment platform on AWS, HirePro can reduce the time to hire by about 75 percent and automatically scale its infrastructure to handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent assessments and interviews. HirePro is a recruitment automation company utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to enable remote hiring.  


reduction in time-to-hire

Extends geographical reach

and improves hiring diversity

Prevents fraud

during registration, assessments, interviews, and onboarding

Scales to accommodate

thousands of concurrent assessments and interviews

Overview | Digitally Transforming Recruitment

HirePro is a recruitment automation company based in Bengaluru, India, that provides enterprise-grade software to streamline every stage of the hiring process. Founded in 2004, the company’s mission is to remove friction in hiring through automation and enriched human connections. To achieve this, HirePro offers a unique combination of products and services for in-person and remote hiring.

HirePro has integrated artificial-intelligence (AI) capabilities for companies to attract, screen, assess, interview, and onboard the best talent in the market. Designed for enterprises with high recruitment volumes, the company streamlines hiring processes with digital workflows, online assessments, video interviews, and digital onboarding.

In the remote recruitment scenario, employers face the problem of fraudulent practices from candidates. To solve this issue, the business offers an AI-powered platform to deliver fraud-proof assessments and interviews.

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HirePro uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for on-demand compute power to run its AI algorithms that are trained to instantly detect fraudulent activities such as impersonation and cheating during registration, online assessments, video interviews, and onboarding. AWS facilitates this by deploying thousands of virtual machines and leveraging scalable storage for image and video data from candidates.

Customers can shorten their hiring cycles and reduce the cost per hire by using HirePro’s AI-powered recruitment platform. They also benefit from better-quality hires over the long term and improve their brand equity by adopting an AI-driven approach to recruitment.

Opportunity | Faster Hiring with End-to-End Automation

With remote hiring, candidates don’t have to spend hours commuting to assessment and interview venues, which typically takes half a day and delays scheduling. “If candidates don’t have to travel, they become available much faster. Our customers might ask a candidate to take a test or attend an interview, and they can do it on the same day,” explains Ashish Goyal, chief technology officer at HirePro.

On the other side of the hiring table, customers no longer have to send a group of staff members to recruitment events in other cities, allowing them to save on travel and accommodation expenses. In one example, a multinational enterprise reduced its campus hiring cycle from 13 weeks to 3 weeks by using HirePro’s AI-led recruitment platform. When the customer’s hiring teams had to visit colleges to set up and conduct events, they could conduct a maximum of three events per day. Now, the same company concludes 25 digital campus recruitment events per day.

Rapid Expansion with Lower Recruitment Cost

In the first year of launching its AI-proctored assessments platform, HirePro conducted 50,000 fraud-proof assessments. Two years later, it conducted 50,000 AI-proctored assessments in just 1 day. “AWS has helped us tremendously in scaling up to this level and has given us some critical building blocks to develop our proprietary AI models,” says Goyal.

The time savings associated with HirePro’s recruitment platform has led to a substantial cost reduction as well. Most of HirePro’s customers are enterprises with large hiring volumes spanning from 500 to 500,000 candidates per month. Though savings vary by customer, a company that used HirePro’s proctoring platform to remotely interview 100,000 candidates per year reported a $50 million return on its investment.


We have elastic, readily available compute and storage resources on AWS and the ability to do everything on our own, even at very short notice.”

Ashish Goyal
CTO, HirePro

Solution | Attracting and Retaining High-Quality Candidates

The quality of hires also improves with HirePro’s proctoring platform. To verify the identity of each candidate, the platform uses AWS and in-house machine learning (ML) tools to compare the registered candidate with the person taking the test, and subsequently attending the interview and being onboarded. The platform detects anomalies, for example, if a different person is attending the test or interview, if someone is helping the candidate, or if the candidate is obtaining answers from unapproved external sources.

HirePro estimates that companies using its platform to screen candidates save 3–6 months’ processing time per bad hire that could result from impersonation during the recruitment process. And candidates appreciate employers with professional and modern hiring practices that value an individual’s time. “Candidates have an enriched experience interacting with our platform, which creates a constructive perception about the employer’s brand. A strong employer brand helps to attract good candidates who tend to stay with companies longer,” Goyal explains.

Furthermore, companies using HirePro’s recruitment platform can extend their geographical reach and eliminate hiring bias to improve diversity. “Candidates in remote locations now have equal access to opportunities, whereas they previously may not have been able to attend in-person recruitment events,” adds Goyal.

Outcome | Reliable, Highly Scalable Infrastructure

Flexible infrastructure is integral to HirePro when its customers conduct virtual assessments. During these events, thousands of candidates login concurrently to attend hundreds of thousands of tests and interviews conducted daily. HirePro has automated serverless deployment with AWS Lambda, so its recruitment platform rapidly scales during peak utilization, even if traffic is higher than planned. It also uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to store hundreds of millions of images and videos, and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for reliable compute power to run AI algorithms. “We have elastic, readily available compute and storage resources on AWS and the ability to do everything on our own, even at very short notice,” says Goyal.

HirePro migrated to AWS in 2016 after a failure at its hosted data center facility caused all systems to go down for nearly 4 hours. Since migrating, HirePro hasn’t experienced any downtime, and the company is now able to leverage modern cloud-based technologies such as AI and serverless. Its data engineers are now testing Amazon Transcribe to add speech-to-text capabilities to its product line. This would help assess a candidate’s pronunciation and clarity of speech—both important aspects of the customer service roles for which some of its clients often hire.

Reflecting on the decision to migrate to AWS, Goyal concludes, “AWS has enabled us to take this journey to build integrated virtual hiring solutions. Apart from being a reliable cloud provider with scalable storage and compute solutions, AWS gives us all the building blocks to operate faster and adopt new technologies, such as AI, that are straightforward to deploy.”

About HirePro

HirePro is a 360-degree artificial intelligence-powered platform which enables frictionless virtual hiring, offering software solutions to digitally transform the recruitment supply chain. The platform, enabled by AI and assisted by experts, helps companies to source, screen, assess, interview, select, and onboard the best talent.

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