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Toyota Tsusho Indonesia

Toyota Tsusho Indonesia Revs up Efficiency and Innovation by Streamlining Its IT Infrastructure on AWS

Toyota Tsusho Indonesia optimized costs, reduced IT management, and unlocks potential to move towards machine learning by migrating to the AWS Cloud and using Amazon RDS.


lower operating costs

Innovative solutions

Unlocks potential for business intelligence

Automates maintenance

Eliminates manual patching, saving 2−3 weeks


Toyota Tsusho Indonesia is part of the Japanese corporation Toyota Group and works across a broad range of sectors, including metals, energy, and global parts and logistics. To modernize its applications and reduce overall costs and maintenance, Toyota Tsusho Indonesia migrated to the AWS Cloud.

On AWS, the company used Amazon EC2 to reduce operating costs and Amazon RDS to eliminate maintenance. As a result, it aligned its IT infrastructure with its head office and other regional branches and gained opportunities to move towards machine learning.

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Opportunity | Managing Diverse Businesses on the Cloud

Toyota Tsusho Indonesia is part of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, primarily focused on supporting Toyota’s automotive business and other companies within the group. The business also operates in diverse sectors such as metals, energy, and global parts and logistics. With different segments to manage, Toyota Tsusho Indonesia needed a reliable IT infrastructure to keep the company driving forward. Andri Agusman, IT manager at Toyota Tsusho Indonesia, explains, “The on-premises hardware we were using had limited compute capacity, was expensive, and required extensive maintenance.”

To modernize its operations, Toyota Tsusho Indonesia chose to migrate to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud instead of upgrading its on-premises hardware and servers.

Yuto Inomata, corporate IT lead at Toyota Tsusho Indonesia, says, “AWS is renowned for its reliability thanks to its many Regions and Availability Zones and dedication to high availability. This provides peace of mind, especially for businesses that depend on IT systems for critical operations.”


By embracing AWS Cloud technology, Toyota Tsusho Indonesia is more streamlined, with all its segments working together like the well-built engines of Toyota Group’s signature cars.”

Andri Agusman
IT Manager, Toyota Tsusho Indonesia

Solution | Modernizing with AWS to Optimize Costs and Infrastructure Management

Working together with AWS Partner SoftwareONE, Toyota Tsusho Indonesia began migrating all of its workloads to the AWS Cloud, using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to provide secure and scalable compute capacity for its applications. The company also uses Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) as a fully managed relational database, eliminating the need for manual patching and operating system updates—a process which previously required its engineers 2−3 weeks to perform.

Migrating to the AWS Cloud has unlocked significant operating cost savings, allowing the company to optimize its finances. After migration, the total running cost of AWS is 72 percent less than Toyota Tsusho Indonesia’s former on-premises system, saving more than $90,000 per year. The majority of these savings come from reduced expenses and labor-intensive server maintenance. “Apart from our annual license and product fees, we had to perform monthly maintenance, which was quite costly,” explains Inomata.

Outcome | Streamlining Operations and Driving Innovation

Toyota Tsusho Indonesia’s migration to AWS has not only led to cost reductions but also brought about greater alignment with its head office in Japan and other regional branches such as Toyota Tsusho Thailand. Both its head office and the Thai branch have already adopted AWS services such as Amazon EC2 and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), resulting in smoother collaboration and more efficient business operations for Toyota Tsusho Indonesia. Andri says, “By embracing AWS Cloud technology, Toyota Tsusho Indonesia is more streamlined, with all its segments working together like the well-built engines of Toyota Group’s signature cars.”

Looking ahead, Toyota Tsusho Indonesia plans to harness AWS machine learning and artificial intelligence tools for analytics. “To further reduce costs, we’re currently developing a business intelligence system to generate finance reports and analyze corporate logistic costs. The cost savings will be allocated to other areas of the business, including corporate social responsibility activities,” says Andri.

Toyota Tsusho Group’s global vision for the next 10 years is to “Be the Right ONE” for its customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, local communities, and future society around the world. “At Toyota Tsusho, we believe that AWS is the right one in helping us come closer to realizing our vision,” Inomata concludes.

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About Toyota Tsusho Indonesia

Toyota Tsusho Indonesia is part of Toyota Tsusho Corporation. The company’s main business is supporting Toyota's automotive business and other Toyota Group companies. It also operates in a broad range of sectors, including metals, energy, and global parts and logistics. Toyota Tsusho has a presence in over 150 offices, with 900 subsidiaries and affiliates around the globe.

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