Capgemini PCI Compliant Development Offering on AWS

Take a cloud-first approach for your application to handle sensitive data


Capgemini Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) development offering can accelerate deployment on AWS

Capgemini’s offering helps financial organizations with the development of PCI compliant applications by leveraging AWS PCI DSS compliance Quickstart for creating an “On-Demand” network, infrastructure, and security platform. The underlying AWS services for this solution are already PCI compliant which allows the application to inherit these controls. The offering allows for rapid application development and quick iteration to achieve required functionality. The offering also enables DevSecOps integration to achieve operational excellence and allows building applications that are highly available, fault tolerant, scalable, easily manageable, and cost effective.

Capgemini is an APN Premier Consulting Partner and has achieved the AWS Financial Service Competency. Competency Partners have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success.

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    The PCI DSS development offering can help:

    • Quickly achieve compliance status: Secure PCI DSS compliance facilitated by cloud formation templates that enable creation and modification of components as required.
    • Improve security: Collect allocation logs in a central SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) server. Intelligent alerts are configured to alert the customer in case of application, infrastructure, or security events.
    • Achieve operational excellence: Customers do not need to take care of building, managing, and securing the data platform, as it is a secure system with encryption, strict access, and authorization enabled through IAM policies.
    • Achieve reliability, performance, and cost efficiency: Utilize highly-available and reliable services with required failover strategies in place. Application performance benchmarked for required throughput. AWS services are chosen and benchmarked for after cost-benefit analysis.
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    Leverage this AWS Quick Start to build a cloud architecture that supports PCI DSS requirements.

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