Thundra Application Observability and Security Platform

Debug, monitor, troubleshoot, and secure modern applications on AWS

Thundra Is an APN Partner Solution That Can Be Rapidly Deployed on AWS

Thundra is an Application Observability and Security Platform for serverless, container, and VM workloads. Software development teams rely on Thundra to troubleshoot and debug with improved MTTR while ensuring security and compliance policies are enforced. Thundra is an observability tool that can combine distributed and local tracing together, enabling customers to track the messages between workloads and understand what happens within an application. With Thundra, teams improve productivity and efficiency, while reducing complexity, costs, and bottlenecks.

Thundra is an AWS DevOps Competency Partner


Troubleshoot in Minutes

Detect and debug issues 50% faster by visualizing the serverless architecture aggregated by traces, metrics, and logs viewed in a single pane.

Optimize Cost

Reduce your bill up to 40% by identifying resource costs and improving resource utilization where necessary.

Granular Security and Compliance

Monitor security and compliance across dev, test, and runtime using whitelists, blacklists, and automatic detection and blacklisting of anomalies for all AWS Lambda functions and serverless services.

Solution Highlights

Thundra provides deep security and performance insights into serverless-centric workloads. Thundra eases the debugging process with distributed and local tracing of serverless applications using AWS Lambda functions. Thundra enables customers to monitor serverless-centric applications, detect issues, alert, debug, troubleshoot, optimize costs, remove security vulnerabilities, and prove continual compliance.

  • Monitor distributed systems end-to-end automatically
  • Debug serverless-centric apps line by line, both online and offline
  • Prevent security vulnerabilities with whitelist/blacklist policies and auto-detect anomalies
Thundra Overview
Thundra Solution Diagram

Case Study: Improving MTTR with Proactive Monitoring of Distributed Serverless Applications


GotPhoto experienced big challenges, including the ability to discover the root cause of errors and latencies and respond to the problems of specific customers.


GotPhoto improved its error troubleshooting with Thundra’s end-to-end tracing capabilities with a focus on selected customers.


Thundra helped GotPhoto gain visibility into its serverless architecture. MTTR was reduced by 60% and application health increased by 50%.

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