End of support options for Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Make SQL Server end of support the start of your AWS cloud journey

Make SQL Server end of support the start of your AWS journey

What is SQL Server end of support (EOS)?

Microsoft is planning to end their support for SQL Server 2014 on July 9, 2024. This end of support means that they'll also stop their security updates, making your infrastructure and applications vulnerable. As the end of support for SQL Server 2014 approaches, there is no better time to migrate legacy applications to AWS.

Why customers choose AWS for SQL Server workloads?

Customers have been running SQL Server workloads on AWS longer than any other cloud provider. Customers choose AWS because we offer the best platform for SQL Server in these areas: higher performance and reliability, greater security and identity services, the broadest and deepest capabilities, lower total cost of ownership, and flexible licensing options. A recent benchmark by Principled Technologies showed that an Amazon EC2 r5b.16xlarge instance delivered 1.79x higher transactional throughput, 1.9x lower latency, and up to 68% better price/performance for SQL Server workloads, when directly tested against the next largest cloud provider with comparable configurations.

What are my cloud options on AWS?

In addition to cost savings, business agility, and security, AWS provides three unique deployment options for your SQL Server workloads:

Rehost to SQL Server on EC2

Lift and shift your SQL Server workloads to EC2 and upgrade to newer versions using AWS Systems Manager console Automation runbook.

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For SQL Server workloads that you cannot upgrade, you can use End-of-Support Migration Program (EMP) for Windows Server to future-proof your legacy databases.

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Replatform to RDS for SQL Server

Take advantage of a fully-managed database service and offload your undifferentiated database administrator tasks.

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Refactor to AWS purpose-built databases

Modernize your SQL Server databases and accelerate innovation with open source and technologies built for the cloud like Amazon Aurora.

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Let AWS help you

As you consider the implications of Microsoft's end of support for SQL Server, we invite you to explore opportunities to migrate and modernize your databases and applications with AWS. From saving your organization money and resources, to reducing complexity and enabling more time for innovation – you can start your move with confidence. AWS will help you along each step of the way, leveraging the experience, tools and services we’ve designed helping customers like you with Windows and SQL Server. Spend your time driving new initiatives for your business, not maintaining outdated infrastructure. The time is now to migrate and modernize with AWS.

See how NextGen migrated

NextGen Healthcare went all in on AWS, moving its legacy Microsoft Windows and SQL Server workloads to AWS while maintaining HIPAA compliance. By running its business-critical applications on AWS, NextGen Healthcare has improved performance and can focus on enhancing the patient care experience.

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NextGen Healthcare improves availability, reduces costs by moving Microsoft workloads to AWS (1:47)

Microsoft Workloads Migration Partners

Migrate, extend, or modernize Microsoft-based solutions with the help of trusted AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency Partners that combine AWS and Microsoft expertise.


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Make SQL Server End of Support (EOS) the start of your AWS cloud journey.

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