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Build in-demand cloud skills—your way—with our online learning center. Whether you're new to the cloud, an experienced builder, or an organization looking to innovate at scale, Skill Builder can help you stay current and reach your goals.

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Unlock more value — everything monthly, plus expert instruction through AWS Digital Classroom.

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    600+ on-demand courses and Learning Plans
    Standard Exam Prep Courses
    AWS Certification Official Question Sets
    AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner
    AWS Card Clash
    Digital Badges
    AWS Industry Quest  
    Unlimited access to 1000+ lab experiences  
    Guided AWS Builder Labs  
    200+ AWS SimuLearn trainings  
    Enhanced Exam Prep Courses (with practice materials)  
    AWS Certification Official Practice Exams  
    AWS Certification Official Pretests  
    AWS Cloud Quest: Intermediate & Advanced Roles  
    AWS Escape Room  
    AWS Jam Journeys  
    AWS Digital Classroom    
    AWS Jam Events      
    AWS Cloud Quest Enterprise features      
    Administrator Dashboard      
    Comprehensive Reporting      
    Single Sign-On (SSO) Support (optional)      

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Free learning content
Special features include:
  600+ on-demand courses and learning plans

  AWS Certification Official Question Sets

√  Standard Exam Prep courses

  AWS Card Clash

AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner

  Digital Badges

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Everything in free learning content plus:

√ Unlimited access to +175 guided, AWS Builder self-paced labs*

√ AWS Certification Official Practice Exam

 Enhanced Exam Prep courses (with practice materials)*

 AWS Cloud Quest: intermediate & advanced roles*

 AWS Industry Quest*

AWS Jam Journey*

*includes lab experiences

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Unlock more value — everything monthly, plus:

√ Unlimited access to 200+ AWS Builder Labs

√ Enhanced Exam Prep courses (with practice materials)

AWS Cloud Quest: intermediate & advanced roles

AWS Industry Quest

AWS Certification Official Practice Exams

AWS Jam Journey

√ AWS Industry Quest

√ AWS Digital Classroom

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to innovate through the same expansive content and expert instruction as AWS Classroom Training - all online, at your own pace, and on your schedule. Learn from expert instructor-led videos and demonstrations, build skills through hands-on labs, and assess your understanding with knowledge checks, and course assessments. 

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Team subscription
Everything in Individual annual subscription, plus:

 AWS Cloud Quest Enterprise Features

√ AWS Cloud Quest Tournaments

 AWS Jam Events

 Ability to assign team and individual training

 AWS Administrator Dashboard

√ Comprehensive Reporting

Single Sign-On (optional)

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AWS Skill Builder features

Get Certified

Gain confidence going into exam day with AWS Certification Official Exam Prep developed by the experts at AWS. Go from start to AWS Certified with question sets, pretests, exam prep courses, and practice exams that demonstrate the style and depth of certification exams.

A black women sitting at a table taking an exam prep course on her laptop

Learn hands-on in the AWS Console

Unlock hundreds of self-paced labs to develop and apply practical skills. Receive guided instructions for common cloud scenarios in a live AWS environment, and practice building without risk of unanticipated expenses.

A black woman wearing headphones is taking an AWS Builder Labs course on her desktop

Dive deep with instruction

Accelerate your deep understanding of focused topic areas with immediate access to expert AWS instructor-led videos, hands-on labs, knowledge checks, and course assessments that you can revisit at any time.*

*AWS Digital Classroom is available as part of annual subscriptions only.

Women wearing head scarf is taking an AWS Digital Classroom course on desktop

Develop AWS solution, role and industry expertise

Translate business problems into technical solutions by enrolling in an AWS SimuLearn training that pairs gen AI-powered simulations with hands-on building, further role and industry expertise while having fun with AWS Cloud and Industry Quest, or explore the building blocks of AWS Cloud architecture through virtual card game AWS Card Clash.

Discover AWS SimuLearn

Explore AWS Cloud Quest

Dive into AWS Industry Quest

Check out AWS Card Clash

A person with pink hair and pink sweatshirt playing AWS Cloud Quest on a laptop

Build problem solving skills

Verify your building skills with a Jam Journey challenge. You'll solve real-world, open-ended problems in an AWS Console environment, with only clues to guide you.

Two men sitting at table playing AWS Jam on laptops

Inspired learners

Learn about Chris Gonzales' inspiring journey transitioning from being a band director to becoming a Cloud Architect using AWS Skill Builder to develop his skills on AWS.

Build cloud skills at scale

Empower your workforce with AWS Skill Builder for teams. Build practical skills critical to your business with experiential training and digital classroom courses—keeping pace with cloud and generative AI technology.