In the previous modules, you trained and deployed a topic model and content recommendation model to create a semantic, content recommendation system. To build this system, you used:

These tools helped you combine topic modeling and nearest neighbor techniques for information retrieval in machine learning.

In the following steps, you clean up the resources you created in this lab.

Time to Complete Module: 10 Minutes

  • Step 1. Delete your endpoints

    In your Notebook instance, copy and paste the following code, then choose Run:

  • Step 2. Delete your Amazon S3 bucket

    1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon S3 console.
    2. In the Buckets list, select the option next to your sagemaker-xx bucket that you created for this lab. Then, choose Delete.
    3. On the Delete bucket page, confirm that you want to delete the bucket by entering the bucket name into the text field, and then choose Delete bucket.