Posted On: Oct 14, 2021

You can now manage AWS Step Functions workflows in the AWS Batch console, where you can automate Batch jobs to help build long-running business-critical workflows that require machine learning, data analysis, or overnight batch processing.

AWS Batch is a cloud-native batch scheduler that some - scientists, financial analysts, or developers, from enterprises to startups - can use to efficiently run batch jobs on AWS. AWS Step Functions is a low-code visual workflow service used to orchestrate AWS services, automate business processes, and build serverless applications.

Organizations use AWS Batch and AWS Step Functions together to build scalable, distributed batch computing workflows. AWS Batch plans, schedules, and executes your batch computing workloads across AWS compute services and features, such as AWS Fargate, Amazon EC2, and Spot Instances. With AWS Step Functions, you can compose workflows that integrate with multiple services, handle errors, and automatically scale to meet your business needs. Together, you can use AWS Step Functions to orchestrate preprocessing of data as part of your workflow then use AWS Batch to handle the large compute executions providing an automated, scalable, and managed batch computing workflow.

Now you can visualize where and how your Batch jobs are composed into workflows without leaving the Batch console. You can navigate more easily between your Batch jobs, the workflows they are involved in, and add their workflow executions, bringing together two core AWS services to streamline management of your business-critical workflows. With AWS Batch, there is no need to install and manage batch computing software or server clusters that you use to run your jobs, allowing you to focus on analyzing results and solving problems.

To get started, open the Workflow Orchestration page in the Batch console. If you are new to Step Functions, select Orchestrate Batch jobs with Step Functions Workflows to deploy a sample project.

This feature is available in all regions where both AWS Step Functions and AWS Batch are available. View the AWS Regions table for details.

To learn more, read Visualizing AWS Step Functions workflows from the AWS Batch console or see the Orchestrating Batch jobs section in the Batch developer guide.