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Unmatched cloud capabilities for increasing agility and building petabyte-scale analytics and ultra-low latency applications quickly and cost-effectively

With 175+ services and 13 years of proven expertise, AWS has everything you need to build faster, operate cost-effectively, and run virtually any advertising and marketing technology workload at petabyte scale and millisecond latency.

The Trade Desk Transforms Its Real-time Bidding Strategy With AWS

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Powering Great Marketing & Advertising Platforms



Adobe migrated its CQ web content management service to AWS using “many sizes” of EC2 Instances and Amazon Elastic Block Store.

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Nielsen built a cloud-native local television rating platform capable of storing 30 petabytes of data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and leveraging Amazon Redshift, AWS Lambda, and Amazon EMR.

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The Trade Desk

"There’s much more agility. We’ll do more iteration in a single week than what we would do in a full year with a managed, physical site.”

- Zak Stengel, Senior Vice President, Engineering, The Trade Desk.

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“We are excited to adopt AWS Graviton2–based EC2 M6g and C6g instances for our web server and stream processing workloads built on Erlang, Go, and Java. We have observed up to 50 percent total cost savings over our previous generation EC2 instances for these workloads. Much more savings and fewer instances needed with higher performance.”

- Valentino Volonghi, CTO, NextRoll

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Salesforce DMP

“Acquired and scaled a global customer base without any concern about the limitations on the amount of data it can process. Our platform captures data from interactions from three billion devices and about 40 billion page views each month.”

- Roopak Gupta, VP, Software Engineering, Salesforce DMP

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Zeta Global

"Uses Amazon Neptune to map 450M requests per day into 1B user profiles that they use for people-based targeting and audience enrichment. “By leveraging [Amazon] Neptune and other AWS services, we were able to achieve a cost-efficient data platform at scale in a very short period of time.”

- Sasikala Singamaneni, Engineering Manager, Zeta Global

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An on-premises IT infrastructure created cost and scale issues, so DataXu turned to AWS to run its big data processing platform. The result is cost savings of up to 72 percent a month, a greater reach into a customer base that spans 50 countries, and the ability to process 86 billion messages daily using Amazon Kinesis.

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By using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances for its critical business systems, Quantcast reduced its operational costs in several ways, including saving up to 60 percent for its QCLearn machine learning system, and spending about 25 percent less on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances than it would have on Amazon EC2 reserved instances for its real-time bidding solution. "As we roll out more infrastructure to AWS, Amazon EC2 Spot Instances are helping us control costs and scale our systems to meet demand.”

- Leah Blank, Senior Systems Engineer, Quantcast

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Unmatched cloud capabilities for building quickly

Achieve unmatched cost-effectiveness and performance by choosing from more sizes and types of compute instances, analytics capabilities, networking tools, purpose-built databases and storage tiers than any other cloud provider.

More availability zones closer to consumers and partners

Get closer to local partners worldwide and consumers at the edge, with 76 availability zones in 24 regions—2x more than any other cloud provider — and 205 edge locations across 245 countries and territories.

More cost-optimization tools than anyone

Customers processing billions of events per day for marketing data pipelines can save up to 70% on costs over on-premises data centers, and no other cloud provider has a comparable compute alternative to Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, which helps customers achieve cost-savings of up to 25% for real-time bidding workloads.

Performance at scales that would otherwise break the internet

AWS provides unmatched availability, reliability, and performance at usage tiers that other cloud providers simply haven’t reached yet.


Cost-savings from using Amazon EC2 Spot instances over On-Demand instances


Edge locations across 37 countries and 78 cities


Bare metal instance types available—more than any cloud provider

100 Gbps

performance available across 5 instance families


of Kubernetes workloads in the cloud run on AWS


of all TensorFlow workloads in the cloud happen on AWS

Data Analysis

Analyze billions of advertising and customer events per day at up to 70% lower costs than co-lo and on-premises.

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Identity Graph

Faster, more accurate identity resolution & targeting with Amazon Neptune.

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Programmatic Advertising

Scale and optimize real-time-bidding worldwide at low latency & low cost.

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Personalized Experience

Personalized, AI-enabled customer experiences with no ML expertise required.

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Intelligent Measurement with Scale and Speed.

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Customer Stories

Learn how leading companies in the Digital Marketing ecosystem are innovating and scaling with AWS.

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