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There's no development work required AppStream 2.0. Simply install your applications the same way you would on any Windows computer. Then connect and configure your network, identity, and storage, whether on premises or on AWS. Or, use AppStream 2.0's built in user management and persistant storage. You centrally manage your applications on AppStream 2.0 and your users securely access them on demand. All of this is offered with simple pay-as-you-go pricing.

It's easy to get started with AppStream 2.0. Download our getting started guide to configure, manage, and stream two desktop applications within a VPC in 10 steps. To learn more about this guide, visit  Stream Desktop Applications. If you want to use SAP GUI or SOLIDWORKS you can download an application deployment guide.

How AppStream 2.0 works

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Quickly and easily import, install, test, and update your applications using the image builder.

Choose from graphics, compute, memory, or general purpose instance types to optimize the performance of your applications, and reduce your overall costs.

Enable users to sign in to AppStream 2.0 using their existing credentials.

Use your existing Active Directory domains, either cloud-based or on-premises, to launch domain-joined streaming instances.

Automatically change the size of your AppStream 2.0 fleet to match the supply of available instances to user demand.

Use AppStream 2.0 APIs to integrate your applications with automation workflows or software-as-a-service solutions.

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