Key concepts, tutorials, and instructions for using features

The language used to define state machines in AWS Step Functions

How to use the Step Functions API, including actions and data types

A command-line validator for Amazon States Language JSON files

An open-source web framework to help you develop and deploy AWS Lambda functions



This course introduces Application Services tools like API Gateway and AWS Step Functions, which developers can use in conjunction with many other essential AWS services to build cloud-based applications.


Designed as a quick introduction for developers, this course explains when to AWS Step Functions and highlights key concepts such as state types, visual workflows, and Amazon State Language.


Learn how to use the AWS SDK to develop scalable cloud applications. This course provides in-depth knowledge about how to interact with AWS using code, including best practices and troubleshooting tips.

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Examples and walkthroughs


In this post, Moataz Anany, Senior Solutions Architect at AWS, presents a serverless solution for ETL orchestration that allows you to control ETL job execution using AWS Step Functions and AWS Lambda.  

Learn more about using AWS Step Functions for Big Data.


AWS M&E Technical Lead, Usman Shakeel, shares how Fox Network and Turner are automating the entire flow of their media supply chains, leveraging content lakes, and orchestrating complex media workflows.  

Explore more ways to use AWS Step Functions for Digital Media.


AWS Solution Architect Shane Baldacchino explains how you can use AWS Greengrass, AWS IoT, AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions and Amazon Machine Learning to help predict, model, and identify a performance issue or impending failure before it occurs.

Find more ideas for how you can leverage machine learning and IoT.


Mayank Thakkar, AWS Senior Solutions Architect, examines some common serverless use cases in the healthcare and life sciences industry and show how AWS Serverless can be used to build powerful, cost-efficient, HIPAA-eligible architectures.

See more examples of using AWS Step Functions for serverless orchestration.


If you have EC2 instances that you don't use very often, patches on those instances may become out of date. Spencer Glazier, Software Development Engineer, shares a solution using AWS Step Functions and AWS Systems Manager Maintenance Windows.

Learn more about using AWS Step Funcitons for DevOps and IT automation.

Reference architectures

Media Analysis Solution

This reference implementation provides guidance to consider when extracting metadata from media files, and provides a serverless AWS solution that combines Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Comprehend.

AWS Answers

Video on Demand

This solution illustrates best practices for implementing video-on-demand on AWS. AWS Lambda triggers AWS Step Functions for ingest, processing, and publishing workflows, and AWS Elemental MediaConvert performs transcoding.

AWS Answers

Image processing and backend

Use AWS Step Functions to orchestrate a serverless processing workflow that processes photos uploaded to S3, extracts metadata from the image, uses image recognition to tag objects in the photo, and creates a photo thumbnail.


EBS Snapshot Management

This Snapshot Management Application demonstrates how to use AWS Step Functions in conjunction with Amazon CloudWatch Events, AWS Lambda and AWS CloudFormation to build a serverless solution for EBS snapshot lifecycle management.

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Batch for Life Sciences Workloads

This companion tutorial to the Genomics Workflows on AWS blog series packages bioinformatics applications using Docker, creates an AWS Batch environment for analysis, deploys Step Functions to control data processing, and initiates a workflow.


Synchronize S3 buckets

This solution describes how to use AWS Step Functions to one-way synchronize an Amazon S3 source bucket into another S3 destination bucket in a reliable and efficient way, without having to create and populate a new bucket from scratch.

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Event sessions

State Machines in the Wild! How Customers use AWS Step Functions

A series of innovative, high-impact, and just plain crazy applications of state machines from all sorts of customers, including guest star Coca-Cola

Coordinate Microservices, Build Serverless Apps & Automate Tasks  

Hear how AWS customers like Yelp are using Step Functions to break down monoliths, automate recurring tasks, and reliably build and scale multi-step applications.  

Best Practices for Orchestrating AWS Lambda Workloads

See how Step Functions are different from Amazon SWF, how to get started with Step Functions, and how to use them to take your Lambda-based applications to the next level.

Media Intelligence for the Cloud with Amazon AI

Learn how to extract video metadata using Amazon AI services in combination with AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions, Amazon ECS, and Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.

Automating Incident Response and Forensics

This session focuses on automating your cloud incident response processes covering external and insider threats, triggers, canaries, containment, and data loss prevention.

EC2/ECS Operations Magic with Step Functions

Michael Fischer, lead site reliability engineer at Segment, shares how they use Step Functions to manage EC2 and ECS to help their customers collect data.

Building Advanced Serverless Applications with AWS Step Functions

Hear how using Step Functions to build serverless apps can help developers create reliable products that scale while reclaiming time and energy.

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