COVID-19 Partner Solutions

In response to COVID-19, AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners have built solutions and offerings in AWS Marketplace that help you address the needs and challenges you are facing today. These include healthcare-specific, remote work and learning, or other solutions and offerings that can help expedite your business to work in the cloud.

The APN is the global partner program for technology and consulting businesses who have deep AWS expertise and are uniquely positioned to help your company at any stage of your cloud adoption journey.

This page is continually updated with the latest resources that reflect how APN Partners can support you during this time.


Healthcare and life sciences

APN Partners are quickly working to identify innovative and agile approaches that help you deliver care and information to your patients, collaborators, and customers.


NVIDIA Parabricks with Amazon EC2 instances enables researchers to quickly analyze genomes of COVID-19 patients.

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Keepler's interactive COVID-19 dashboard offers a 30-day view and daily estimate of COVID-19 cases, registered by Autonomous Communities in Spain.

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CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard powered by hc1 and a coalition of labs provides lab insights for healthcare decision-makers.

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MyPath to Work enhances workplace safety protocols, visibility into risk factors, agile response to changing health conditions, and support for colleagues.

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Thermy uses thermal cameras and advanced AI/ML to identify people with fever & protect workforce around.

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SafetyVisor helps customers return to work with confidence. This computer vision solution monitors your work environment for adherence to OSHA/CDC guidelines.

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Workwatch helps companies monitor employee and visitor body temperature and COVID-19 policies for a safe return to work.

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This resource tracker coordinates and tracks critical beds, protective equipment, and trained clinicians across states and health care systems.

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This solution helps prevent a second COVID-19 bloom, leverage data to create policy, and empower citizens to be healthy.
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Remote work

Remote work solutions from these APN Partners grant access and enable productivity from anywhere.


Content distribution platform with data protection, file sharing, localization, and monetization services.

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InterVision uses Amazon Appstream 2.0 to help Mt. San Jacinto College enable remote work during COVID-19.

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Enterprise content management system (CMS) that enables collaboration during digital transformation.

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Tyler Tech

Rather than going to the courthouse, municipal courts are allowing defendants to attend a hearing online using Tyler Virtual Court.

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Technology skills platform to close skill gaps in cloud, security, software development, IT, data, and more.

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This AWS-based application allows caseworkers to access and update case files from anywhere regardless of connectivity.

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Onica Teams can enable your workforce and help you gain flexibility, predictability, and consistency.

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Rapidly respond to your business continuity challenges and alleviate potential business disruptions with VMware Cloud on AWS.

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Virtual contact center

Contact center solutions support the needs of communities and efficiently manage inbound requests. Working together with APN Partners and AWS Marketplace software solutions, you can provide a seamless customer experience across voice and chat.


Unified platform for capturing customer interactions and managing employee performance across the enterprise.

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Workforce engagement management suite for Amazon Connect that uses AI-driven analytics to uncover insights.

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Real-time and historic data visualization for Amazon Connect that provides insights via dashboards.

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Cognizant customer engagement solutions on AWS improve customer interaction with next-generation digital technologies.

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Whispir's communication templates facilitate outreach for a range of circumstances. These templates help reduce anxiety and disruption to operations.

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Cost optimization

Manage cloud spend with AWS Marketplace solutions built by APN Partners who enable you to monitor and optimize your cloud costs in one location.


Predictive analytics to optimize cloud compute infrastructure, helping companies reduce compute costs and ensure scalability and availability.

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Data platform that enables distributed IT, finance, and business teams to optimize their costs and communicate the business value of cloud.

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Cost management and compliance platform, including instance scheduling, cost allocation, and automated invoicing.

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Cartegraph's software helps organize pandemic response activities and track data for federal reimbursement like inventory and resource usage.

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Contact tracing and screening

Securely track exposure to COVID-19, streamline case management and follow-up, and screen employees as they return to work.

Easy Software

EASY Software drive digitally transforms the HR processes related to occupational COVID-19 safety measures, reporting infections, and registering employees or guests in the office.

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Automatic Contact Tracing helps enterprises quickly identify employees who may have come into contact with someone in the workplace who is infected.

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