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AWS Data Exchange is on a mission to increase speed to value for third-party data sets in the cloud.

There is no other place where customers can find data files, data tables, and data APIs from a vast portfolio of third-party data sets. We continuously innovate to make the world's third-party data easy to find in one data catalog, simple to subscribe to with consistent pricing options, and seamless to use with AWS data and analytics and machine learning services. 

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  • Free data sets

    Choose from over 1,000 free data sets across the Automotive, Financial Services, Gaming, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Retail, and more industries.

    Popular free data sets on AWS Data Exchange

    20 Years of End-of-Day Stock Data for Top 10 US Companies by Market Cap

    This free data set contains 20+ years of end-of-day historical data for the top 10 US companies by market cap as of September 5, 2020. Data is delivered in CSV format.

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    ShareThis Consumer Behavior & Interest Data (Free)

    ShareThis observes consented, anonymous engagement behavior for over 1.5B users on millions of sites that use our sharing tools.

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    Shutterstock 500 Image & Metadata Free Sample

    A free image and metadata sample of 500 images. All assets are tagged with descriptive title and relevant keywords, providing an ideal data set to train machine learning algorithms.

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    Ovation COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Results (US) - Free Sample

    Ovation COVID-19 data set contains millions of de-identified diagnostic test results collected in real time (hour by hour) from testing facilities outside a normal hospital setting. This data set includes normalized patient metadata, ICD10 diagnosis codes, qPCR test results and more.

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  • API data sets

    Find popular APIs to help reap insights into industry layoffs and downsizing, holdings, digital identity marketers for consumers and more.

    Popular API data sets on AWS Data Exchange

    Twitter Cryptocurrency Data

    This data set, powered by the Twitter API, contains a curated set of cryptocurrency related Tweets from the past month. It covers a rolling 1-month window and will be updated at least once per week on Mondays to provide recent Tweets from the past week.

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    Demand Intelligence - Global Intelligent Event Data API

    PredictHQ’s easy-to-use global events API gives businesses direct access to a constantly updated and verified event database drawing on billions of data points daily and includes events across 19 categories.

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    FactSet Portfolio API

    FactSet’s Portfolio API allows you to instantly start evaluating your portfolio’s performance –perform CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) on your portfolios, referenced by FactSet via an account file (.ACCT).

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    IMDb Ratings for Movies/TV/OTT (API)

    IMDb's AP world-renowned 1-10 star rating data, a daily-computed average of fan sentiment derived from IMDb customer votes. TheGraphQL API includes the title, release year or first air date, any known alternative titles (akas) and more.

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There is no other place where customers can find data files, tables, and APIs in one place. Here are a few of over 300 data providers you will find in the AWS Data Exchange catalog.

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AWS Data Exchange learning resources


This innovative resource is designed as a broad compilation of use cases submitted by AWS Marketplace data providers. Each contributor tells a concise but unique story of how they solved a particular business challenge through a reliable third-party data solution.

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Enhance your customer's mobile experience through third-party data
Enhance your customer's mobile experience through third-party data
Hear how technology companies leverage third-party data to enhance personalization and improve localization.
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How Yum! Brands uses location data from Foursquare to make smarter decisions
How Yum! Brands uses Foursquare to make smarter decisions
Check out how Yum! Brands is leveraging location-based data to boost in-app location accuracy.
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Using external data to accelerate business in a post-vaccinated world
Using external data to accelerate business in a post-vaccinated world
Learn how companies across real estate, retail, and hospitality are using data to prepare for success.
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