Integrated Private Wireless on AWS

Accelerate business innovation and improve operational efficiency with secure, cloud-integrated private wireless offerings managed by telecom companies.

AWS Teams Up with Leading Telcos to Launch the ‘Integrated Private Wireless on AWS’ Program

What is Integrated Private Wireless on AWS?

The Integrated Private Wireless on AWS program is designed to provide enterprises with managed and validated private wireless offerings from leading Communications Service Providers (CSPs). The offerings integrate CSPs’ private 5G and 4G LTE wireless networks with AWS services across AWS RegionsAWS Local ZonesAWS Outposts, and AWS Snow Family.

AWS Telco Solution Architects technically validate the offerings for their sound architecture and adherence to AWS best practices. Telecom companies deliver, operate, and support the offerings.

The program also uses the rich expertise of validated global AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners to accelerate the time-to-value for private wireless deployment.

Integrated Private Wireless on AWS removes the long planning cycles and complex integrations to set up and scale a private wireless network. You can now deploy a secure, reliable, and low-latency private wireless network to power artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) and Internet of Things (IoT) workloads at the edge and at scale.

Bringing deep understanding of enterprise workloads from AWS, the program also helps the broad community of telecom companies better meet their customer needs and realize private wireless business potential.

How private wireless enables transformation in key industries

Manufacturing icon


Improve production, create smart products, and increase operational efficiency with computer vision.

Transportation and mobility icon

Transportation and mobility

Implement smart transportation systems to efficiently move people and goods with lower costs.

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Transform customer experience, improve safety and productivity, and minimize carbon footprint.

Innovate with CSPs for your industry

  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Deutsche Telekom Campus Network

    Campus Network by Deutsche Telekom provides you with a highly reliable and tailor-made network coverage on your premises. Based on modern mobile technology, we combine the strengths of a mobile network with the exclusivity and reliability of a private network, while you retain control. The cooperation between Deutsche Telekom and AWS allows you to benefit from the best solutions of both worlds.

    The Deutsche Telekom Campus Network is available in Austria and Germany.

    Campus Network M: Starting at 215 €/month
    Campus Network L/Private: Trial system available for 10.000 €/month + set-up fee

    Deployment options

    Campus Network S

    Radio: Optimized Telekom 4G/5G coverage (indoor and outdoor)

    Core: Telekom public core

    Ideal for getting started


    Campus Network S

    Campus Network M

    Radio: Optimized Telekom 4G/5G coverage with on-site Quality of Service (QoS) technologies (indoor and outdoor)

    Core: Telekom public core

    Suitable for comprehensive use cases

    Campus Network M

    Campus Network L

    Radio: Dedicated (private) radio network on premises

    Core: Dedicated core on premises

    Suitable for demanding use cases


    Campus Network L

    Next steps

    If you are interested or just want to learn more about Campus Network, select the Contact us button to proceed.
    A representative from Deutsche Telekom will contact you to discuss your specific private wireless solution needs.

  • KDDI
  • KDDI Private 5G

    Integrated with AWS technology to meet your needs
    KDDI aims to develop next-generation business and lifestyles through digital transformation by connecting people to people and thing to thing with communication at the core. KDDI drives customers’ business transformation through KDDI Private 5G, which is tightly integrated with AWS.

    Available in the following country: Japan

    AWS service components

    AWS analytics services to collect and analyze data from equipment at manufacturing facilities.
    • Amazon Kinesis, Amazon SageMaker
    • AWS IoT SiteWise


    Service menu

    Basic Private 5G Plan

    Radio: KDDI on-prem macro/small cell

    Core: KDDI core with AWS Wavelength as the edge

    Fully managed service by KDDI

    Next steps

    KDDI installs 5G small or macro base station(s) according to your requirements. With Basic Private 5G plan, you can enjoy low-latency cloud access through AWS Wavelength with private 5G. You can also use voice service over a smartphone via 0A0 number. We will be also adding more service types with flexible use of Cloud and on-site Edge. Please click the following button to contact us to discuss your use cases.

  • Orange
  • Orange Mobile Private Network cloud

    Orange Business, the enterprise division of the Orange Group, is a leading network and digital integrator. Orange Business extends its Mobile Private Network portfolio for Industry by enriching it with a new offer built in close cooperation with AWS.

    Due to this new offer, “Mobile Private Network cloud”, Orange Business supports you in the digitization of your production processes and proposes an efficient build and run of your private mobile networks by capitalizing on cloud resources. This solution allows an optimal efficiency and security by exploiting all your data at the edge.

    We will also help you to accelerate the deployment of Use Cases you need for your factories, including Orange Business solutions for quality control, worker safety and performance monitoring. 

    You want to measure the gains of 5G SA, which carries many technological promises (latency, throughput, URLLC, mIoT, etc.) and build the ROI of deploying and operating network from the study of Use Cases that work on a private 5G SA network?

    “Mobile Private Network cloud” preview offer meets your testing needs and will enable you to experiment and validate the benefits of a private 5G SA network based on AWS cloud:

    • A 5G SA network at the edge for optimized performances
    • Easy network deployment using AWS cloud
    • Access to AWS services (IA, cloud computing, databases) to enrich your Use Cases

    Available in the following countries: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Spain.

    Orange Private Wireless components:

    • 5G SA Core Network: Selected providers
    • Radio: Legacy radio
    • Devices: Smartphones and Customer Premise Equipment
    • SIM: Dedicated SIM

    AWS components:

    • AWS security services to implement a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): Amazon Inspector, AWS Security Hub, Amazon Guard Duty, AWS Systems Manager, Patch Manager (a capability of AWS Systems Manager), AWS Secrets Manager, AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
    • AWS analytics services to collect and analyse data from 5G network components



    Preview Offer

    Radio: On premise radio equipment

    Distributed Core: 5G SA Core Network running in AWS Cloud for 5G control applications and on Customer premise’s on an AWS Outpost for the User Plane functions

    Devices : Selected devices validated on the 5G SA network (5G SA USB Dongles, Smartphones, Industrial routers)

    On premise Deployment and management of the network, connection of customers Use Cases to devices and 5G SA network

    Think, build, run fully managed by Orange.

    Next steps

    Interested to experiment this technology with us? Select the Contact us button below and you will be contacted by Orange for a follow-up.

  • T-Mobile
  • Revolutionize Connectivity with 5G Advanced Network Solutions

    T-Mobile's 5G Advanced Network Solutions provide businesses with the opportunity to achieve the next level of operations and services by offering three options to unlock the potential of their data – 5G connectivity via a Public Mobile Network, a Hybrid Mobile Network, and a Private Mobile Network. Customers can choose from available compute options from AWS.

    When combining T-Mobile's 5G Advanced Network Solutions and AWS Mobile Edge Compute platforms, customers can access the ideal combination of connectivity and compute power to make the most of their digital transformation. Moreover, our customer-first approach and the options of speed to market, flexible pricing, simplified management, hassle-free procurement, and scalability ensure that we can meet your unique needs on the digital transformation journey.

    You can take advantage of T-Mobile’s 5G Advanced Network Solutions and AWS Mobile Edge Compute platforms to craft the ideal blend of connectivity and compute power to keep up with your digital transformation goals now and in the future.

    Discover how to unlock new heights of success for your business by taking advantage of the opportunities with next-generation operations and services.

    T-Mobile 5G ANS page:
    5G Enterprise Network Solutions | T-Mobile for Business

    Click here to learn more

    A capable device is required; coverage is not available in some areas. Some uses may require certain plans or features; see Fastest: Based on the median, overall combined 5G speeds according to an analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data 5G download speeds for Q4 2022. Ookla trademarks are used under license and reprinted with permission. T-Mobile, the T logo, Magenta and the magenta color are registered trademarks of Deutsche Telekom AG. © 2023 T-Mobile USA, Inc.  

    Flexible Offers built for today and scale for tomorrow

    Network options

    Dependable and secure 5G connectivity on America’s fastest and largest 5G network.

    Public Network

    Better latency and coverage, a blend of private network performance with the simplicity and lower cost of public 5G.

    Hybrid Mobile Network

    Highest levels of reliability, security, and control for industrial grade applications.

    Private Mobile Network

    Edge compute options

    Public network integrated with AWS Local Zones

    T-Mobile’s 5G Public Network integrated with AWS Local Zones minimizes the distance from the device to the compute resource and back, leading to faster speeds and lower latency, optimizing applications ranging from smart metering to tracking optimization.

    Public network integrated with AWS Local Zones

    For even lower latency and dedicated reliability, the Hybrid Mobile Network integrated with AWS Local Zones provide the perfect solution for activities such as VR training, computer vision, and inspections.

    Private network integrated with AWS on-premises edge compute (AWS Outposts or AWS Snow Family)

    For situations requiring the highest speeds, reliability, and ultra-low latency requirements, the Private Mobile Network integrated with AWS Outposts or AWS Snow Family is ideal for use cases such as factory automation, independent robots, reducing production defects, and more.

  • Telefónica
  • Telefónica Edge Integrated Private Wireless on AWS

    Telefónica Tech offers Edge Integrated Private Networks to customers who are looking to automate their operations and optimize their processes.

    Telefónica Edge Integrated Private Wireless on AWS brings together:

    • Telefónica private 5G connectivity (including pre-integrated core and radio network)
    • Edge infrastructure for private wireless networks from AWS
    • SaaS solutions to solve enterprise challenges, such as remote management, computer vision, predictive maintenance and more.

    This integrated solution enables cloud capabilities inside your own factory and uses the power of private 5G connectivity. As shown to the right, Telefónica offers different deployment options.

    Telefónica Edge Integrated Private Wireless on AWS is available soon in Spain and Germany.

    Deployment options

    Full on-premises

    Radio: Private Telefónica RAN on premises

    Core: Telefónica-hosted private core on premises

    Industrial edge: AWS on-premises infrastructure

    Applications: Integrated with Amazon VPC in AWS Availability Zones and AWS Local Zones

    Fully managed service by Telefónica

    Hybrid model

    Radio: Private Telefónica RAN on premises

    Core: Telefónica-hosted private core on premises with some control functions in the cloud

    Industrial edge: AWS on premises infrastructure

    Applications: Integrated with Amazon VPC in AWS Availability Zones and AWS Local Zones

    Fully managed service by Telefónica

  • Video Analytics
  • Video analytics

    This offering integrates a real-time, AI-based Video Analytics Solution (VAS) from Megh Computing, an AWS Partner, with AWS services and telecom companies’ private wireless technologies. You can automate the use of video as a signal for real-time actionable insights. VAS is differentiated by its Nimble application framework that delivers unparalleled flexibility and scalability with high performance using CPUs, GPUs, and/or FPGAs. It supports a variety of smart buildings, factories, and cities use cases, accelerating digital transformation for enterprises and governments.
    IPW Use Case 1

    Where to use

    • Public safety and office or home security
    • Manufacturing process control
    • Authentication and enhanced computer-human interaction
  • Mobility and Robotics
  • Mobility and robotics

    AWS, telecom companies, and Unmanned Life, who offers software for autonomous mission management and real-time data flows, collaborate to deliver autonomous drones that improve security operations. These autonomous drones can effectively survey large areas, detect potential threats, and provide high-quality data in a fast, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manner. The software includes a user-friendly central interface that allows for on-demand, pre-planned, reactive autonomous missions, or remote operation capabilities. Moreover, the integration of AI systems enhances drones' threat-detection capabilities. Compared to traditional surveillance methods, the low carbon footprint of these drones only enhances their benefits. Unmanned Life's autonomous drones offer a highly efficient and effective solution for security operations.
    IPW Use Case 2
    Where to use
    • Asset protection
    • Wildlife and livestock monitoring
    • Precision crop monitoring
    • Disaster response and humanitarian relief
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality

    AWS, telecom companies, and Holo-Light are unleashing the full potential of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to improve production. By creating an Industrial Metaverse, we are closing the gap between the virtual and the real world, empowering enterprises to seamlessly create, build, and operate in the digital space. This offering features a unified extended reality (XR) platform hosting and maintaining AR and VR applications. The platform’s 3D data pipeline efficiently accesses 3D assets through one single source of truth. AR and VR applications are globally available to stream apps on demand and in real time to mobile XR devices. This offering delivers superior performance for mobile XR devices to facilitate high-quality AR and VR experiences.
    IPW Use Case 3
    Where to use
    • Design collaboration with 3D CAD, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and more
    • Enhanced surgery experience
    • Product training

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