Amazon EC2 R7iz Instances

Run memory-optimized, high-frequency instances powered by 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) R7iz instances are memory-optimized, high-frequency instances. They are the first EC2 instances powered by 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors with a sustained all-core turbo frequency up to 3.9 GHz to deliver up to 20% higher performance than EC2 z1d instances. They are also the first x86-based EC2 instances to use DDR5 memory and deliver up to 2.4x higher memory bandwidth than z1d instances. R7iz instances feature an 8:1 ratio of memory to vCPU with up to 128 vCPUs and up to 1,024 GiB of memory. The combination of high compute performance and high memory footprint makes R7iz instances ideal for frontend Electronic Design Automation (EDA), relational database workloads with high per-core licensing fees, and financial, actuarial, and data analytics simulation workloads.

AWS and Intel continue to collaborate to provide cloud services that are designed to meet current and future computing requirements. For more information, see the AWS and Intel partner page.


Lower TCO

R7iz instances deliver up to 20% higher compute performance than comparable high-frequency instances. High compute performance, combined with a large amount of memory, results in increased overall performance for applications such as EDA and relational databases. This can help you speed time to market for product development while reducing licensing costs.

Flexibility and choice

R7iz instances add to the broadest and deepest selection of EC2 instances in the cloud. They provide instance sizes up to 32xlarge and offer two bare metal sizes. With up to 2.6x more vCPUs than other high-frequency instances, you can scale up your memory-intensive workloads.

Maximized resource efficiency

R7iz instances are built on the AWS Nitro System, a combination of dedicated hardware and lightweight hypervisor that delivers practically all of the compute and memory resources of the host hardware to your instances for better overall performance and security.


High-frequency processing

R7iz instances are powered by 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors (code named Sapphire Rapids) with an all-core turbo frequency up to 3.9 GHz. These instances have the highest performance per vCPU in x86-based EC2 instances.

High performance

R7iz instances support up to 50 Gbps networking. R7iz instances also support 40 Gbps bandwidth to Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) in the largest size. R7iz instances use the new DDR5 memory technology and provide up to 2.4x higher memory bandwidth than comparable high-frequency instances.

Built on AWS nitro system

The AWS Nitro System is a rich collection of building blocks that offloads many of the traditional virtualization functions to dedicated hardware and software to deliver high performance, high availability, and high security while also reducing virtualization overhead.

Customer testimonials

Epic Games

Astera Labs is a leader in purpose-built data and memory connectivity solutions that remove performance bottlenecks throughout the data center.

“We build our solutions 100% in the cloud for the cloud. This is why we are excited about the potential for using the new Amazon EC2 R7iz instance to provide us access to increased single threaded performance vs R6i instances. During our testing of the new R7iz instances, we were able to realize performance gains up to 25% compared to R6i instances. With access to increased performance, we’ll be able to accelerate our ability to deliver silicon, software, and system-level connectivity solutions that realize the vision of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the cloud.” 

Jitendra Mohan, CEO, Astera Labs

Formula 1

Nasdaq is a global electronic exchange for buying and selling securities and other instruments, and a market infrastructure technology provider to 130 other exchanges, regulators, and post-trade organizations in over 50 countries.

“We leverage Amazon EC2 high frequency instances to provide reliable, ultra-low latency and high performance at scale to our clients. Amazon EC2 R7iz instances have a new smaller bare metal size with better NUMA affinity that provides excellent throughput for our workloads, simplifies system architecture, and improves determinism by reducing latency. This innovation is a critical component of AWS and Nasdaq’s partnership to build the next generation of cloud-enabled infrastructure for the world's capital markets.”

Nikolai Larbalestier, Senior Vice President, NASDAQ


Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) is a collection of managed services that makes it simple to set up, operate, and scale databases in the cloud.

"Amazon EC2 R7iz instances are ideal for relational database workloads that typically have high per-core licensing costs. Our Airline and Banking customers running demanding workloads currently use z1d instances. R7iz's 20% higher compute performance, larger sizes (up to 32xlarge), and 2.4x memory throughput (using the latest DDR5) versus z1d will help these customers achieve superior performance as they continue to scale."

Kambiz Aghili, GM, RDS, DBS Managed Commercial Engines, AWS

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