Amazon EventBridge Scheduler

Create, trigger, and manage scheduled events and tasks

Amazon EventBridge Scheduler is a serverless scheduler that enables you to schedule tasks and events at scale. With EventBridge Scheduler you have the flexibility to configure scheduling patterns, set a delivery window, and define retry policies to ensure your critical tasks and events are reliably triggered right when you need them.


Pre-built integrations

Invoke over 200 AWS services with over 6,000 APIs without custom code.

Automatic scaling

Automatically scale your scheduling. Reliably trigger millions of tasks to keep up with customer demand.

Flexible scheduling options

Simplify your scheduling with configurable scheduling patterns, time windows, time zones, and retry policies.

Simple to use

Create, manage, and maintain all your schedules across AWS in one central location.

How it works

Amazon EventBridge Scheduler is a pay-per-invoke task and event scheduler that triggers based on parameters you define. You can manage all your scheduled jobs from one central location with an easy to use list view.

Use cases

Automate IT Processes

Automate your IT tasks critical to your business. With flexible scheduling options, you are able to schedule tasks when it makes sense for your business without manual intervention.

Scheduling in your Applications

Use EventBridge Scheduler in your applications and platforms to provide scheduling services to your customers with reminders, delayed actions, or prompts to continue where they left off.

Schedule Management for Global Organizations

EventBridge Scheduler supports time zones, so your schedules automatically adjust to your customers’ geographic locations.


Fully managed

EventBridge Scheduler is a serverless is a scheduler that allows you to schedule tasks at any time without having to provision or manage underlying infrastructure.

Supports over 200 AWS services

Pre-built integrations to AWS services. With a few clicks, you can select from over 200 AWS services to invoke as a target.

Scalable scheduling

Amazon EventBridge Scheduler expands on the capabilities of EventBridge Scheduled Rules. It provides you with a scalable solution that can schedule tens of millions of events and tasks.

Numerous scheduling patterns

Choose from multiple scheduling formats, such as cron, fixed rate, one-time, or select a time window giving you the control to meet your business requirements.

Global scheduling support

EventBridge Scheduler gives you the ability to select time zones and can account for daylights savings time to better serve your customers in any geographic location.

Configurable retry policy

Configure your schedules to include a retry policy and timeout to ensure tasks are reliable invoked. You can indicate a maximum number of retries, add retry with a delay and can configure dead-letter queue (DLQ).

Automatic schedule deletion

Configure your schedules with an end date to automatically delete schedules. Delete upon completion makes it easier to manage your schedules without manual intervention or custom code.

Visibility of all schedules

Easily manage all your schedules from a single location. Create schedule groups and add tags to organize and categorize your schedule groups. You can search, sort, and filter schedules across AWS targets.

Pay for invoke

You only pay for the number of invocations triggered per month. With the free tier, you receive 14 million invocations per month at no cost. Visit the Amazon EventBridge pricing page for more details.

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