Semiconductor Product Design and Verification

Reduce time to market and innovate faster

AWS enables you to confidently and consistently deliver high-quality products to customers on time and focus on innovation in chip development instead of infrastructure management. Secure, high performance and scalable EDA allows product developers and engineers to solve complex simulation and verification problems using large-scale, parallel processing.

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Innovate Faster

Unleash the creativity of your engineers, analysts, and researchers from the limitations of constrained infrastructure. With AWS, you gain immediate access to the latest generation of compute, storage, networking and security technologies optimized for the cloud, helping you to run the most compute-intensive High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads faster, at higher scale, securely, and more cost-effectively, avoiding the need for mid-cycle technology refreshes.

Reduce Cost

At AWS you have access to virtually unlimited infrastructure, this allows you to scale, on-demand, very quickly and you will only pay for what you use. If you need to go from 100 instances to 1000’s instances in minutes, AWS enables this elasticity. By eliminating job queue times and scaling your cluster as high as needed, when needed, you can reduce the time to market or publication. And because you are only paying for what you use, you can ensure you are optimizing your costs.

Collaborate Securely

Work seamlessly and securely with third-party partners including IP providers, EDA software vendors, and manufacturing service providers (foundries, OSATs, contract and original device manufacturers). Provide users secure remote access for fast design changes without missing a beat. At Amazon, our support for customers in regulated industries, and in thousands of government agencies, means that we keep security as a top priority. As a result, the world’s top technology companies and their commercial and government customers trust AWS for their most sensitive design and engineering applications and have successfully adopted and leveraged the power and security of AWS Cloud.


Enabling collaboration and innovation from customer specification to silicon

Architectural deep dive into AWS services, data movement, analytics, and collaboration across the design process.

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AWS services and data movement for semiconductor design

An architectural overview of AWS services and data movement options for semiconductor design workflows.

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EDA workshop with IBM Spectrum LSF

The CloudFormation templates in this workshop deploy a fully functional IBM Spectrum LSF compute cluster with all resources and tools required to run an EDA verification workload on a sample design in the AWS Cloud.

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Scaling Synopsys Proteus optical proximity correction on AWS

Synopsys and AWS recognize that as the advances in semiconductor technology continue to push the complexity of each chip, customer data centers face the challenge of keeping up with the growing demand on their resources.

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AWS for Semiconductor Design, Verification, and Fabrication Presentation

In this session, learn how to achieve the maximum possible performance and throughput for design and verification workloads and enhance electronic product manufacturing through advanced analytics and machine learning.

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Amazon EC2 C6gn instances powered by Arm-based AWS Graviton2 processors

Amazon EC2 C6gn instances deliver up to 40% better price-performance over C5n instances for applications requiring high network bandwidth such as high performance computing (HPC), network appliances, data lakes and data analytics.

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"Using AWS, we can remove the compute scalability barrier, so we can focus exclusively on product innovations."

– Keith Ring, Vice President of Technology, Innovium

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"AWS takes care of undifferentiated heavy lifting, and that helps us focus on developing innovative features and delivering great value to our customers."

- Ambs Kesavan, Software Engineering and DevOps Director, Xilinx

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“We completed our chip design in less than a year on AWS, compared to the years it would have taken using an on-premises HPC environment.”

- Sanjay Gajendra, Chief Business Officer, Astera Labs

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