Manage billing and control cost

Centralized billing, payment, and cost governance

Why Cloud Financial Management with AWS?

You want to balance business agility with the right level of cost control to avoid surprises. You want your team to innovate at scale and align efforts with the goals of your business.

AWS provides a unified view of your billing information across accounts. Consolidate your bills and take advantage of the volume discounts for your aggregated usage. Designate how the benefits of your purchase plans (e.g. Savings Plans) are shared and how discounts and credits are applied. Stay on top of your purchase plans and proactively manage your purchase orders with associated invoices.

AWS allows you to set up permissions and grant specific resources and information access to valid users. Set up custom guardrails to monitor and ensure spend is within your budget limits. Leverage ML-powered anomaly detection service to understand and address causes for cost overruns early. While your team scale up the development on AWS, it is critical to establish governance policies and mechanisms to maintain control and drive best practices organization wide.


Centralize the ownership of billing management and cost control governance policies, while designating teams to implement the governance mechanisms and drive best practices.

Whether it’s the permission to use AWS resources, access billing and cost information, or set the target limits of spend, usage, and the progression of purchase plan utilization, you can define your thresholds at the desired granular level.

Let AWS monitor spend and resources utilization and alert you when budget limits are exceeded, or anomalies incur. Enforce governance policies and prevent unintentional spend by authorizing automatic cost control actions.

Use Cases

You want a simple and easy way to manage your AWS billing, and the relevant information and benefits sharing.

The AWS Billing Console presents an overview of costs incurred by your member accounts from last month, current month actuals, and the projected current month spend, so you can quickly check if spend is in line. Highlights, such as cost breakdown by top services, free tier usage updates, allow you to determine if any corrective actions are needed. With Billing preferences, you can define sharing preferences for your purchase plans, e.g. Reserved Instances, Savings Plans.

You want peace of mind that you can keep spend in check and prevent cost overages without slowing down innovation.

With AWS Cost Anomaly Detection, we will investigate your historic spend pattern, compare your actual spend with expected spend, and send you anomalies alerts with root cause analysis, so you can pin down your evaluation and take timely actions. You can also preconfigure AWS Budget Actions that can enforce specific IAM or SCP policies, or stop target EC2 or RDS instances. Budget Actions can be executed automatically or require workflow approval.

You want to stay on top of your purchase plan commitment, and purchase order and procurement agreement.

Savings Plans Alerts notifications will inform you prior to any expiration and/or queued purchase events, so you are aware of any upcoming purchase events and continue to enjoy uninterrupted coverage of your purchase plans. For organizations that use purchase orders to procure AWS resources, you can use AWS Purchase Order Management to create and manage AWS POs in one place, set invoices matching rules, and track the balance or expiration of POs.