The AWS Data Exchange team is always working on sourcing new and exciting data products, data providers, and events. From new and up-to-date data products, to brand new qualified data providers, news, webinars, and interesting blog posts, use this page as a resource to keep up to date with what is going on with our service.

Using third-party healthcare data to accelerate drug discovery and clinical trial protocol design

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Recently published data products

Los Angeles Minority Owned Businesses

This listing consists of one dataset that contains minority owned businesses for the city of Los Angeles, CA. It can be utilized to help drive prospecting, retention and insights.

Places & Visits Data pre-modeled by AtScale

Foursquare Places & Visits Data pre-modeled by AtScale is now live as a 1 month free sample and subscribers can instantly consume and interact and visualize the data using AtScale Insights.

Images & metadata of "Whole Food"

Power image recognition with this data set from Shutterstock, the largest library of world-class photos, videos, music tracks, and 3D assets. The dataset includes images of Whole Foods shoppers.

IMDb: Trivia and Goofs

Includes IMDb’s most interesting Trivia and Goofs for movies, TV shows, and video games. Content is in English. Sold only as an add-on package.

Russell 2000 Corporate Events Feed

A daily file of operational and financial corporate events Including direction (bullish/bearish) and duration (long/short term) of each event.

Consumer Data Insights - Platinum (MI Trial)

Epsilon’s Consumer Data Insights plus 900+ highly predictive purchase data elements sourced from transaction data exclusively through Epsilon.

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Can’t find the data you need? Let us know!

AWS Data Exchange is always looking to recruit new data providers. If you'd like to access a provider that you don't see in the catalog today, please let us know and our team will contact that provider on your behalf.



Using third-party healthcare data to accelerate drug discovery and clinical trial protocol design

Learn how insights-driven healthcare and life sciences systems are leveraging external datasets to drive key innovations in biomedical development processes.

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Using ESG and Sustainability Data in the Cloud to Drive Business Value

Learn how companies across verticals use ESG data to move beyond reporting benchmarks, deepen business insights, and create competitive differentiation?

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Using External Data to Accelerate Business in a Post-Vaccinated World

Learn how companies across real estate, financial services, retail, and hospitality are using data to help prepare for success in a post-vaccinated world.

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AWS blog posts

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Third-party blog posts

Canadian Market Analysis with POI Data From the AWS Data Exchange

SafeGraph's Canada Core Places (Essential Columns) dataset is available for free in the AWS Data Exchange. To use this POI data to conduct a market analysis, follow the steps within the blog post.

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AWS Data Exchange Publisher Coordinator

This solution automates the steps to create a new revision for an existing AWS Data Exchange dataset in the AWS Marketplace. Instead of manually uploading and downloading dataset revisions, simply store the data you want to publish in an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) asset bucket and create a manifest file that references each of the files you plan to publish. When you upload the manifest file to the Amazon S3 manifest bucket, this solution initiates the process to publish a new revision.

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