A data center is a specialized facility that store servers, network devices and other systems for numerous applications and websites, running 24/7.  Data Centers are what makes Cloud Computing possible, in support of our customers, partners and cloud users locally, regionally and globally.

The Data Center (Infrastructure) team handles the various physical layers for AWS data centers, including the infrastructure and on-site operations. We are a team of professionals and engineers, actively working in positions ranging from the installation, commissioning and maintenance of servers and network equipment, to facility operations, managing power and air-conditioning systems, to risk management, project management, security, logistics and inventory control.

We strive to deliver the world’s highest quality data center services, for our customers to innovate on the cloud affordably and at scale, with uninterrupted availability, seamless scaling, and physical security for AWS customers.

To learn more about data centers, please check out our page here .

Data centers are unique, not generally known to the public and the different roles to operate a data center is quite unknown as well. At AWS, we provide a Trainee Program where people can learn about data centers and become professionals in this field, even if they are inexperienced. We are seeking highly motivated candidates who want to pursue a career in the Data Center industry and prepare themselves for roles like Data Center Technician (Server Engineer), Facility Engineer and Logistics Specialist within our company.
This program requires strong commitment on the part of each participant. Under the mentorship of the training provided by senior members of the team, you will get the opportunity to gain an understanding of data centers through hands-on maintenance on the infrastructure equipment, working with the teams that support this infrastructure and the customers that rely on it, maintaining the facilities (electrical/mechanical systems, control/fire-fighting systems, etc.).

【1】What are the basic qualifications for trainee candidates ?

Please see below the requirements based on the position.

(For both positions) Able to understand and comply with safety and security policies.

• Data Center Technician (Server engineer) Trainee- Basic knowledge of servers and/or computers hardware components, basic knowledge and understanding of network systems, and English reading and writing skills.

• Data Center Engineering Operations (Facility engineer) Trainee- Work experience with operating and maintaining facility equipment, English or/and Japanese proficiency (verbal and written) at a level that enables daily tasks without trouble – English: middle school level (Eiken 3) Japanese:  JLPT N3 level equivalent.

* We encourage you to apply event if you do not have any IT background. We welcome people who are adaptive, willing to learn, and want to get involved.

【2】What is the duration of the training ?

As trainee, you will work and learn for about 6 months to 1 year as a contractor. At the end of the program, progress is evaluated (test/interview) to see if you have what it takes to join our successful team and be a full time Amazonian. If you are successful you will have a chance to be the employed as Data Center Technician (Server Engineer), a DCEO Facility Engineer or a Logistics Specialist.

【3】Where can I apply ?
Open Position list available

【4】Do I need to be located in Japan to apply ?

Yes, as this program is for candidates currently based in Japan, you will need to be physically present in Japan.

【5】Is this an internship for college students ?

No this is not an internship for college students, we will have internship program soon, and more information will be added to this page.