A data center is a specialized facility that store servers, network devices and other systems for numerous applications and websites, running 24/7.  Data Centers are what makes Cloud Computing possible, in support of our customers, partners and cloud users locally, regionally and globally.

The Data Center (Infrastructure) team handles the various physical layers for AWS data centers, including the infrastructure and on-site operations. We are a team of professionals and engineers, actively working in positions ranging from the installation, commissioning and maintenance of servers and network equipment, to facility operations, managing power and air-conditioning systems, to risk management, project management, security, logistics and inventory control.

We strive to deliver the world’s highest quality data center services, for our customers to innovate on the cloud affordably and at scale, with uninterrupted availability, seamless scaling, and physical security for AWS customers.

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At AWS, we call our employees builders, regardless of tech or non-tech roles. We asked a couple of our builders to share their stories.

Our organization is extremely diverse, and builders with various backgrounds regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, etc. are working together to operate stable data centers every day. There are 13 Affinity Groups within AWS / Amazon and many of our builders actively participate in them as well.

Workshop for Women builders organized by Women builders

Workshop for Initiatives with the LGBTQ+ community. Many builders participated in the Tokyo Rainbow Pride and  Rainbow Festa in 2023.

We also build our relationships through events such as sports, language exchanges, BBQ etc.

At AWS, we are committed to making a positive difference around the world. Specifically in the regions where we build and operate our global infrastructure, we actively engage with the community, providing STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math ) education support and others based on the needs through our program called AWS InCommunities.

Supporting community STEAM education through AWS Think Big Space

Ensuring our communities are clean

Participating in a festival at a children’s home in our community

Upcoming events will be announced here. Please come back for future events.