Database instances (Customer-Supplied)

Under the Customer-Supplied model, you can run Amazon RDS Custom using your existing Oracle Database software licenses.

DB instances are an isolated database environment running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Amazon RDS Custom is available in On-Demand purchasing model. You can deploy your DB instance in a single Availability Zone (Single-AZ).

DB instances let you pay for your database by the hour with no long-term commitments or upfront fees. This frees you from the cost and complexity of planning and purchasing database capacity ahead of your needs. On-Demand DB instances are ideal for development, test, and other short-lived workloads.

Pricing is per DB instance-hour consumed, from the time a DB instance is launched until it is stopped or deleted. Partial DB instance-hours are billed in one-second increments with a 10-minute minimum charge following a billable status change such as creating, starting, or modifying the DB instance class.

  • Oracle Enterprise (Single-AZ)
  • The pricing below applies to a DB Instance deployed in a Single Availability Zone.

Database instances (AWS-Supplied)

On-Demand DB Instances for the AWS-Supplied model let you pay for compute capacity by the hour your DB Instance runs with no long-term commitments. This frees you from the costs and complexities of planning, purchasing, and maintaining hardware, and transforms what are commonly large fixed costs into much smaller variable costs.

  • SQL Server Web (Single-AZ)
  • The pricing below applies to a DB Instance deployed in a Single Availability Zone.

  • SQL Server Standard (Single-AZ)
  • The pricing below applies to a DB Instance deployed in a Single Availability Zone.

  • SQL Server Enterprise (Single-AZ)
  • The pricing below applies to a DB Instance deployed in a Single Availability Zone.

Pricing example

Example 1: You provision a db.m5.xlarge Single-AZ instance in the US East (N. Virginia) Region using the On-Demand purchase model.

1 db.m5.xlarge Single-AZ instance x $0.410/hour = $0.410
Hours in month: 730
Total: $0.410 * 730 = $299.30

Database storage

Database storage consists of one or more EBS volumes attached to your Amazon RDS Custom DB instance that store the data and log files. Amazon RDS Custom makes two database storage classes available to you: Provisioned IOPS and General Purpose. Provisioned IOPS and General Purpose offer SSD-backed volumes with durability ranging from 99.8% to 99.999%.

Database storage - Provisioned IOPS

Provisioned IOPS volumes are a premium storage class that provide high performance for mission-critical, low-latency, or high-throughput workloads. With Provisioned IOPS, you are charged for the amount of storage you provision and the number of IOPS.

  • Single-AZ

Database storage - General Purpose

General Purpose volumes offer a balance of price and performance. With General Purpose storage, you pay for the storage you provision and, for some volume types, IOPS and throughput.

  • Single-AZ

Pricing examples

Example 1: You provision a General Purpose gp2 volume with 500 GB of storage capacity in the US East (N. Virginia) Region.

Storage: 500 GB General Purpose gp2 x $0.115/GB = $57.50
IOPS: $0
Total: $57.50 + $0 = $57.50

Example 2: You provision a Provisioned IOPS io1 volume with 500 gigabytes of storage capacity and 200 in/out operations per second (IOPS) in the US East (N. Virginia) Region.

Storage: 500 GB Provisioned IOPS io1 x $0.125/GB = $62.50
IOPS: 200 IOPS x $0.10/IOPS = $20
Total: $62.50 + $20 = $82.50

Backup Storage

Amazon RDS Custom will automatically take backups of your DB instance and retain those backups for a period of time you specify (up to 35 days). Automated backups consist of system-generated snapshots and database transaction logs, and you can use automated backups to recover your DB instance in the unlikely event that it becomes unavailable. You can also take a manual snapshot, and use either the manual snapshot or system-generated snapshot to restore your DB instance to the point in time the snapshot was taken.

Amazon RDS Custom provides you with backup storage up to the provisioned storage size of your DB instance at no additional charge. You are only billed for backup storage that exceeds the calculated allocation. The total amount of allocated backup storage is calculated per account and is the aggregate of system and manual snapshots across all of your Amazon RDS Custom DB instances in a Region.

Amazon RDS Custom also provides you with access to the transaction logs generated by your DB instance. The transaction logs are uploaded to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket, owned by you, every five minutes. You are billed separately for the cost of storing the logs in S3 and for any requests to and from the S3 bucket that contain the logs. For information on those charges, see

Data transfer

The table below represents data transferred into and out from your Amazon RDS Custom DB instance. For data transfer charges within the same AWS Region, see:

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