Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) resources


Amazon Keyspaces Developer Guide >>
Provides a conceptual overview of Amazon Keyspaces and instructions for using the service's features with both the AWS Management Console and the AWS CLI.

CQL Language Reference >>
Describes in detail Cassandra Query Language (CQL) for Amazon Keyspaces. Provides basic syntax, options, and usage examples that you can use as a quick reference when building your applications.

Amazon Keyspaces API Reference Guide >>
In addition to supporting Cassandra Query Language (CQL) requests via open-source Cassandra drivers, Amazon Keyspaces supports data definition language (DDL) operations to manage keyspaces and tables using the AWS SDK and AWS CLI. The API reference describes the supported DDL operations in detail.

Developer tools and sample code

Amazon Keyspaces examples >>
A collection of sample code for Amazon Keyspaces.

AWS authentication plugins for Cassandra drivers >>
Driver plugins you can use to manage access to Amazon Keyspaces by using AWS IAM users and roles.

Amazon Keyspaces Developer Toolkit >>
A Docker image for common tooling for Amazon Keyspaces.

AWS CloudFormation templates for setting up Amazon CloudWatch metrics >>
CloudFormation templates to help you set up CloudWatch metrics dashboards for Amazon Keyspaces.


In these videos, Amazon Keyspaces experts show you how to use Keyspaces, from getting started to developing data models.

ApacheCon @Home 2020 – Reimagining Cassandra authentication using short-term credentials

Learn how AWS designed and built an open-source authentication plugin for Cassandra drivers that enables developers to use short-term credentials for access management instead of hard-coding credentials in their application code.

Running Apache Cassandra workloads by using Amazon Keyspaces

Learn how to create new Cassandra resources in minutes, and dive deep on how to migrate existing Cassandra workloads to Amazon Keyspaces by using cqlsh.

Stream Scaling Data with Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) on Twitch

Join our AWS NoSQL experts to dive deep on Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra).

Experts from the Amazon Keyspaces team will provide product demos and technical presentations on topics such as Cassandra Query Language (CQL) best practices, serverless concepts for developers, how to optimize your application code, and integrating Amazon Keyspaces with other AWS services and developer tools.

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Read the documentation

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