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BOBJ on a budget!

  • By genem "cascadehosting"
  • on 06/21/2016

This 5-named-user AMI is a good value when compared to setting up trial versions of the software on your own for a quick pilot or proof-of-concept project. It could also make a decent on-demand development environment for small orgs, or a nice "sandbox" for larger teams.

My usage consisted of spinning up an x3.large instance, installing some drivers to talk to PostgreSQL (via RDS) and building a universe and Web-I reports for a POC. I was the only developer so I turned off the instance when not actively developing or demoing. The Windows server password is available via standard EC2 admin screens, while the BO admin password is auto-generated and placed on the desktop as a text file.

A couple of notes: The monthly licensing is done via calendar month so if your project crosses into the 1st day of a month you will need to pay the monthly license fee for the entire 30 day period. However your first month is prorated, depending on when in the month you sign-up.

And there is an add'l hourly software license charge on top of the monthly fee and standard EC2 usage charges. Like EC2 usage though, you can shutdown the instance to avoid these hourly costs if you don't need the server 24/7. You always pay the monthly fee, regardless, until you shutdown your instance and then click the "Cancel Subscription" button on AWS Marketplace's 'Your Software' screen.

  • By Sergio
  • on 11/07/2019

it doesn't work! I have launched this istance but I cannot connect via RDP. The only option I have now is to terminate it and choose another istance.