CentOS 7 (x86_64) - with Updates HVM

This is the Official CentOS 7 x86_64 HVM image that has been built with a minimal profile, suiteable for use in HVM instance types only. The image contains just enough packages to run within AWS, bring up an SSH Server and allow users to login. Please note that this is the default CentOS-7 image that we recommend everyone uses. It contains packages that are updated at points in time to include critical security updates. See more

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Great for cPanel DNSONLY

  • By RocketWeb
  • on 10/22/2018

I've launched an instance and installed cPanel DNSOLY version with great success. I condigured a t3.nano instance and had had it working seamlessly for about one week.

Top-of-the-line Linux Distro

  • By Joshua Quek
  • on 07/26/2018

Probably the most stable distro for linux, have been using it for multiple deployments and it has always been stable and predictable. Unlike Ubuntu and Debian, I havent encountered any dependency hell issues with this using yum. This is really the best linux server OS to use after RHEL.

The Gold Standard of Open Source

  • By Jonas Steinberg
  • on 06/29/2018

I really cannot thank the CentOS team enough. As an admin now with about 4 years experience, I have used CentOS for every job I've had as either an infrastructure foundation or as a personal dev box/VM and it is always stable. The AWS cloud offering is no different. I really, really appreciate the work they do and would recommend, without hesitating, that any enterprise small or massive use CentOS for all its OS needs.

Highly recommended.

  • By JBNobrega
  • on 06/03/2018

My thanks to the CentOS team for keeping images up to date.
It has all the minimum necessary to customize an operating system.

Doesn't work with user-data script!

  • By Jason Floyd
  • on 05/08/2018

These official CentOS images do not work with user-data scripts! just a simple script like below will fail:

echo "asdf" > /tmp/foo.txt

Works extremely well

  • By Leif
  • on 05/04/2018

I can't really ask for anything else, this is an extremely basic CentOS with nothing superfluous added onto it so it gets my five stars.


  • By Irving
  • on 04/18/2018

Glad to see the CentOS team publishing images more frequently as well as adopting better practices for cloud images!

One annoyance still remains that prevents me from recommending these images: the fact that the root EBS volume is not set to "delete on terminate" which is pretty standard for all other AMIs. Without this, my users leave tons of unused EBS volumes laying around which drives up my AWS bill


  • By Hunter F
  • on 02/26/2018

I'm using this to run Plesk Onyx on one of the new m5 EC2 instances (since the instance store with Plesk pre-installed only provides support for m4 or earlier). Everything is blazingly fast, even after weeks of uptime, and with reserved instance pricing I really feel like I'm getting a great value.

I would highly recommend this image for hosting any web application and for those seeking a highly stable, high performing, yet lightweight OS, capable of handling most anything a typical user would need.

Very useful

  • By rio197
  • on 01/24/2018

Good OS overall. Specifically for this product, clicking on the Wiki URL gave me a "page not found" message. But I'm not a first-time CentOS user, so it didn't bother me.

No new image is available to mitigate Meltdown and Spectre

  • By Roi
  • on 01/15/2018

Looking at the images available, I see no new image is available to mitigate Meltdown and Spectre. This is basic. This is a crucial update and customer are supposed to upgrade on their own