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CentOS 7 (x86_64) - with Updates HVM

This is the Official CentOS 7 x86_64 HVM image that has been built with a minimal profile, suitable for use in HVM instance types only. The image contains just enough packages to run within AWS, bring up an SSH Server and allow users to login. Please note that this is the default CentOS-7 image that... See more

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Works without issues

  • By Ofir Manor
  • on 05/31/2015

Good old CentOS....
Too bad it doesn't come with CentOS 7.1, but a simple updates solves this.
Other than this, worked well, including automatically formatting the built-in SSD with XFS and mounting it

Not the same as CentOS 7 Minimal distro, Not updated.

  • By Tim Gerk
  • on 05/18/2015

I feel misled. Systemd and firewalld are not installed or enabled on this image. Whether or not I like these changes from earlier major CentOS versions, I did not expect the AMI to diverge from the canonical minimal distribution.

Despite the title, the AMI is not up-to-date when started. You will still need to yum update and reboot first thing.

Ready to fly

  • By Delta P.D Media
  • on 04/20/2015

this server is perfect, i had it up and running with everything i need in less then 20 minutes!

Good stable system working out of the box

  • By GoodMirek
  • on 04/16/2015

It is Centos. It works and it is free. Repos are continuously updated by one of the biggest Linux communities. Memory footprint of a bare new machine created from this Centos7 64bit image is more than two times bigger compared to a bare new machine created from Amazon Linux 64bit image. It is 180MB versus 80MB.


  • By Daniel
  • on 04/11/2015

You cannot install cPanel & WHM on a CentOS 7 server.( up to date)
( In general very smooth basic centos installation )

Latest image no issue

  • By Neil
  • on 03/28/2015

Official CentOs 7 image. may need to reinstall remi rpm though.
Oh, and do watch that you login using centos.


Solid and Free -- what more do you need?

  • By Scott Goodwin
  • on 03/19/2015

Love Centos for its rock-solid reliability and its dedicated community. Free usage for Centos itself, and enterprise reliability. A+ all the way.

Pretty much a base os install as expected with some cloud extras

  • By Matthew Dresden
  • on 02/20/2015

Its the base Centos install as you would expect with the typical cloud.cfg.

If you want to change the hostname for example you would need to comment out some lines in that file. I haven't yet explored the potential usefulness of these cloud files that come with Centos or Debian for example, but I expect they are there for a reason.

I am quite glad Centos finally has an official AMI out now though :)

t2.micro with CentOS7

  • By xudong huang
  • on 02/12/2015

I use this instance in Tokyo node. It provides appreciative network speed as I am locating at China.
It's enough to use as a development server.

Fastest CentOS Rollout

  • By Patrick Sculley
  • on 02/08/2015

We needed to roll out a new hardened web server. This was the fastest install, setup and rollout (not to mention the most flexible) I have ever been able to do.

That's why I love AWS!