Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager Developer & BYOL Edition

This Dev and BYOL Edition offers you the opportunity to test all the features of the Pulse SecureĀ® (formerly Brocade) Virtual Traffic Manager (Pulse vTM) with Web Application Firewall (vWAF). This high-performance Load Balancer & application delivery controller is designed to deliver fast, secure & more reliable access to web sites & applications & offers 'High Availability' via active-active deployment.To use this AMI to set up a BYOL License, please refer to the Getting Started Guide. Pulse vTM is highly portable. It can be deployed on all major clouds & hybrid environments. It controls ... See more

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Great way of deploying SteelApp to AWS

  • By Matt J
  • on 02/07/2015

We use SteelApp TM within our own hosted infrastructure, and love it as a product. Being able to one-click deploy within AWS is great for a test/dev perspective, as well as hybrid cloud approaches.

A neat touch - the install provides user-data that you can use to launch additional instances and automatically add to a cluster, protected by an elastic IP address.

Very impressed - just hope that new owners Brocade keep the same levels of service!

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