Pragmatic Odoo 9.0, 10.0, 11.0 Community Edition

Pragmatic Odoo Community Edition is a pre-configured, secured, optimized and ready to run image for running Odoo on Amazon EC2 in a production mode. Odoo is a very popular business suite of application which covers the most important aspects of running a business including sales, purchase, accounting, finance, HR, webstore, inventory management, MRP, and POS.The major improvements in Odoo CE are MRP, Odoo Studio, Helpdesk, Accounting, POS, HR, and Website Builder E-commerce to name a few. You can run a Construction, Real Estate, Heath-care Clinic Hospital,Dental, University, Rental, Hotel... See more

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Pretty good

  • By Nigel McEwen
  • on 01/06/2018

I like this stack very well although you should be aware you will have to update several modules to clear up errors.

The only odd thing was using SFTP to get to files lead no where but empty folders, still working on that one.

Overall a seamless deployment, quick and easy.

Out-of-Date Installation Instructions

  • By AWS Customer
  • on 12/15/2017

Post-installation (after EC2 instance is active) instructions (link to Pragmatic URL) are very (VERY) out of date and not applicable to a Odoo 11.X install. Very frustrating. Pragmatic needs to update their installation guides ASAP. I've wasted too much company time trying to troubleshoot something that should be very simple (and well documented).

Unable to find the ssh user to ssh in.

  • By AWSScripter
  • on 01/31/2016

the install of the AMI was smooth, and the odoo application was able to be installed.

However, when I tried to ssh to the server, I found that the regular ids ( ubuntu, root, ec2-user, etc ) don't work. i also tried to guess about some users like openerp and odoo, but no luck there too.

This is not documented, and has led to many hours of frustration.

Fast & Easy.

  • By Amazon Customer
  • on 10/27/2015

It is easy to install and find password than Bitnami, it does not come with banner at bottom right side of screen. It is run smooth!

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